cannabis tomato soup
cannabis coconut oil
Cannabis and Fibromyalgia
cannabis oatmeal cookies

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies - No Bake

Who doesn't love oatmeal cookies? But the ones that grandma used to make are finicky and they were always just a little too sweet for my taste as I got older. Try these amazing cannabis  oatmeal cookies made with peanut butter that are not…
cannabis for societal anxiety, anxiety
Cannabis for anxiety, miss envy
Cannabis Mac and Cheese

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis 'Baked' Mac and Cheese

Cannabis Mac and Cheese is a favourite comfort food dish and it's easy to make. I'm serious, you don't have to make it out of a box (though if you want to make it from a box just replace the butter you would normally use with Miss Envy's coconut…
cannabis for chronic pain, miss envy
cannabis gummies

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Gummies for Pride

Cannabis gummies are a favourite in the cannabis community. They're easy to bring with you, they're fun, they're simple to dose and...did you know they're fairly easy to make at home? With Miss Envy's coconut oil you can make a batch of your…
cannabis infused rainbow bagels

Cooking With Envy: Cannabis Rainbow Bagels

It is Pride season, so here is a bonus recipe post this week for Pride preparation. It is really easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget to make time for self-care. The weather is predicted to be hot. So, make sure you are eating…
Cannabis and Pride