Wrap your minds around the healing components, with no altering side effects. Properly noted as Cannabidiol, CBD has been becoming more popular in mass culture, due to further research developing on the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids and the cannabis plant family. Don’t let the #buzz fool you – CBD is no newcomer to Miss Envy Botanicals, or the natural wellness family.

Benefits of Hemp (Classification of Cannabis Sativa – and a trusted source for high CBD content) have been popularized in natural wellness and beauty over the past few decades with oils and minerals extracted from the seeds. The more popularized commercial version has many health benefits, helping with inflammation, skin and hair hydration, and offers a rich plant-based protein source. The process of CBD extraction or activation, however, comes from decarboxylation of plant and stock matter of plants of the cannabis family. This difference of source point and activation unlock a broader spectrum for medicinal and holistic benefits.


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CBD is known for its’ benefits on both mind and matter – helping to alleviate symptoms from ailments and illnesses from PTSD and anxiety, to arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Due to its lack of producing the body and cerebral ”high” of it’s sibling compound THC, CBD has become the case of studies for paediatric treatment and has recently joined the conversation in alternative treatments for pets.

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The non-psychotropic compound of the Cannabis plant packs a punch for wellness – and at Miss Envy Botanicals, it is always in an easy to take form.

Don’t let mind and body pain slow you down when you can take your treatment on the go – in easy to carry 30-count bottles, or in our convenient two-packs for your travel convenience. Miss Envy Botanicals’ 20MG CBD capsules come in decarboxylated powdered form – making them safe for vegetable capsulation, and suitable for vegans.

Feel the CBDifference for yourself.


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