Miss Envy Botanicals is back with a solution to simulate all of your senses with another state of Sutra – with the introduction of Canna Sutra™ Adult Glass Play Series – A Higher Purpose for Functional Glass Art.

Miss Envy Botanicals is not a stranger to the intimacy industry, using cannabis extracts in pleasure and sexual wellness – with widely popular “Kama”, the signature blend of the solvent-free personal lubricant and massage oil. With lifestyle branding reaching community events and collaborations, and with recent expansions into 420-friendly apparel, it’s no surprise this home-grown company has expanded their endeavours within aspects of sexual wellness.

Glass adult toys are a great way to experience multiple levels of pleasure on your own or with a partner. Easy to clean and safe for even the most sensitive skin, adult glass toys are compatible with all traditional lube bases, including the complete Canna Sutra™ Intimacy line, making this custom series of toys the perfect addition to your glass collection – with a new way to enjoy one of Canada’s favorite infused intimacy additions.

Whether your game is for pain or pleasure, each hand-crafted Glass Massager is durable, ready to take you wherever your ride goes. The Canna Sutra™ Adult Glass Play Series also makes a safe, hypoallergenic addition to temperature-based sensations, with the ability to hold both hot and cold, to provide a custom pleasure-filled experience. The new line of Canna Sutra™ adult glass toys comes in 3 unique crafts, inspired by the experiences of our favorite soothing and stimulating strains, for your own unique styles of play.

Featuring ATF, Northern Lights, and Love Potion – the Canna Sutra Adult Glass Play series has the perfect pick to fit your pace.

A Higher Level of Intimacy – Hands on.


Find out more about Miss Envy’s intimacy line, CannaSutra, here

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