Need an added boost to your eggnog and Elevated Extracts – in prep for a stress free Holiday season? Miss Envy Botanicals brings you a range of relaxation efforts, from our hearts to your bathtubs. Always committed to bringing you the balance of treatment and treat in all of our handmade creations, it’s time to learn more about the secrets and signature scents behind our THC infused bath bombs!


What is a bath bomb?

Popularized in efforts to limit the non-recyclable packaging usually used in bath products, bath bombs are solidified blended compound of dry products, essential oils, and moisturizing butters or oils of a higher melting point. Usually having a gentle natural acid base paired with a bicarbonate for the effervescent (or fizzy) effect when wet – bath bombs get their name due to the slow “explosion” in the bath. When used with natural oils, no synthetic dyes, and natural, dissolvable shimmer sources, a relaxing bath is the perfect treat for your body while using many aspects of Mother Nature. It’s recommended to add a bath bomb to a warm bath while you’re already in, for an added moment of stress relief.


Coconut oil on 2017

Miss Envy Botanicals offers an infusion of topical pain relief and moisture with 50mg of THC paired with fair trade, organic Coconut Oil in each bath bomb. Coconut oil offers glowing and hydrating effects to even the most sensitive of skins while carrying the THC infusion into the body for treatments of aches and pains, without the psychoactive effects of ingesting. Sit back, relax, and slip into a full body treat.


The Scent Spectrum

Not just sugar, spice and everything nice – Miss Envy Botanicals’ line of bath bombs offer a selected range of essential oils known to restore, relax and invigorate.

Orange Oil steals the show on it’s own in one of our signature selections. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and a potential natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety aid, due to it’s sedative qualities – There is nothing but sweet relief in the Sweet Orange bath bomb.

LL brings the cool without the J with a pairing of lemon and lime for stimulating sensations! Lemon oil cleanses and brightens naturally with detoxifying properties – all while providing relief for stress, fatigue, and insomnia. The restorative powers of Lime oil come to dance in a citrus blend, making this a perfect get-well blend for the body during cold and flu season.

Our Original heart’s choice brings clarity for the mind and body. Rosemary oil offers practical relief from body pain, while aiding in treatment for skin issues such as eczema. It’s classifying properties extend into cognitive function, offering a natural mental stimulator – helping with memory function and mood elevation. Soothing and relaxing by nature, Lavender oil seals the deal, aiding in sleep, regulating blood circulation, while offering a boost to your immune system. The one stop selection for the mind and body – it’s no wonder this was the original Miss Envy bath bomb.

Try one out to find your signature scent or pair them up for an aromatherapeutic cocktail of your own!

Find Miss Envy Botanicals THC infused bath bombs – Here

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