People have been using cannabis to medicate a number of physical and mental health issues for centuries. As more and more places legalize cannabis, the number of clinical research studies conducted on this plant grows exponentially. Subsequently so is the list of ailments that cannabis can be effective in treating; the number of benefits of cannabis as a treatment method is unravelling. The research is finally starting to catch up with what we knew all along.

Cannabis technology has also advanced significantly which has increased number of avenues for cannabis consumption to be included in your wellness routine. Extraction effectively separates CBD from THC for a healing experience without the psychoactive high. This allows for daily consumption without affecting mental capacity. This is an appealing option for many people. This has also allowed for an increase in the number of routes of consumption; for example, oils can be used in making edibles, oils that are consumed sublingually (directly under the tongue), topicals directly applied to the skin to soothe muscles and joints, etc. We have also seen an increase in the technology used for consumption, like vape units. Vaping decreases the risks associated with smoking.

Cannabis is a growing market in Canada and at Envy we want to stay at the forefront of all the issues. This is important to us so we can have the best products for our customers health. Keep up to date with our Instagram to see our new products and innovations @miss.envybotanicals

At Envy we are talking to our customers to see how they are including cannabis in their wellness routine, what they love about our products and how they would like to see the cannabis space improved. I talked with Aubrey (@emmetthoney) about her experience with cannabis and how it fits into her wellness routine.

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Aubrey @emmetthoney

What led you to start medicating with cannabis? What did this initial treatment look like?

I began using cannabis recreationally in my last year of high school. A friend and I started by sharing one small and meticulously rolled joint once a week.  Over time, I subconsciously and then consciously began to explore a self-medicating relationship to cannabis.

What do you use cannabis for? (i.e what are the ailments you are treating) What do you see as the benefits of cannabis?

I use cannabis to help manage a myriad of things! First, I am on the autism spectrum, which brings with it a host of experiences that can be challenging to navigate in a neurotypical world. These include over-stimulation, social anxiety and avoidance, insomnia, chronic difficulties with food and executive function.  Cannabis can help me with all of these things, at times.

The right product can help me navigate my ADHD in social situations, or smooth out the experience of using a stimulant based ADHD medication.  I have fibromyalgia, and navigate some of that pain through THC and CBD. I also have complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), and find cannabis particularly helpful for minimizing night terrors and flashbacks.

What types of cannabis products do you use? Do you have a daily cannabis routine? You have tried Envy, what did you think of their products? 

I use flower, concentrates, Phoenix tearsedibles and topicals, depending on what my day demands of me.

I particularly love Miss Envy’s Buddha + Buddha topical salve! Many topical products smell overtly of weed, but this product releases an immediate soothing burst of peppermint I LOVE when I’m feeling overtired and overstimulated.  Very effective on flaring tendons and muscles, and far more discreet for public use than others I’ve tried.

As a tattoo artist with chronic pain, my wrists and fingers often get inflamed, stiff and painful after a long sitting. One of the benefits of using a cannabis topical is it can be used on a specific area of my body. Therefore I can use it in between clients and it improves my comfort and stamina in my work.  I always have something on hand.

Why did you choose Cannabis over other “traditional” forms of treatment (ie. prescription medication, physiotherapy, etc.)? Do you think cannabis has more benefits than other forms of treatment?

I choose to medicate with cannabis as one of the many threads of treatment and support for my complex body and brain. Traditional prescription medication, proper nutrition, physiotherapy, massage, counselling, psychiatry, and all other forms of my vital health care map are easier for me to access with the healing benefits of cannabis helping me manage my many barriers. Some of which include; leaving the house, braving transit stimulus, engaging with people, and potential triggers with physical contact during medical care.

The at-home portions of my health management routine are also supported by cannabis! When I am overtired and resist eating the delicious and nutrient rich food I’ve made, I can assist my appetite with THC.  I believe that moving my body the right amount and in the right way is important for managing chronic pain. Both CBD and THC can help me minimize the discomfort of moving through my inflammation.

Liv from Cannabis Centric believes this too, click here to learn more about how Liv has combined Cannabis and Yoga for a more effective wellness routine.

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Is there anything you’d like to see improved in the medical cannabis space? Or a need that isn’t yet being met? 

I really want to see more information on the long term effects on our bodies of consuming cannabis in different formats that have emerged only recently. We agree! At Envy we want to continue to support clinical research about the effects of cannabis so we can always make the best decisions about our health.

Beyond empowering ourselves with knowledge, I wish that cannabis could be covered under Canadian health care.  The cost of my ADHD medication matches the cost of my monthly cannabis consumption. Yet one is covered by the government, and the other is not.  Or at least let us write it off our taxes as medical costs!!

Is there anything you would like to share with readers about your experience of medicating with cannabis? 

You can medicate with cannabis every day and don’t have to fall into a trope of being a stoner! Even if you are smoking cannabis flower a few times a day. If you have found the right plants for your medical needs, it will increase and clarify your ability to function, not the opposite.  For all high functioning folks who dread the idea of winding up with a bag of chips on the couch, instead of getting that tax paperwork filed…Cannabis can help with that, too. Trust me, there are so many benefits of cannabis.

Miss Envy - CBD Canada

At Envy we agree, cannabis can be part of our everyday wellness routine when we find the right treatment for our bodies. Some of our customers stick to CBD while others use a combination of products to assist with their various needs. And with Envy products your cannabis consumption can be discrete and healthy. Love the way edibles make you feel but don’t love all the sugar? Or want edibles that are strictly CBD? With Envy’s edible products you can add CBD or THC to just about any meal or make healthier treats for on the go. This is only one of the many ways that Envy can make a difference in your life and wellness routine. Check out our blog for many healthy recipes.