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Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Infused Beverages for summer

With summer solstice this week it’s time to hit the patio with your favourite summer drinks. Even better if you make them cannabis infused beverages. You’ve heard all the talk about infused beverages, you may have even gotten the chance…

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis and Steak for Father's Day

This weekend is Father’s Day, have you thought about what you’re doing for your Dad? Most Dad’s are notoriously difficult to buy for, so why not make something nice for him instead? No I am not talking about the arts and crafts you used…

Building your Wellness Routine: Cannabis and Yoga (pt 2)

Do you engage in yoga, meditation or other mindful movement practices? Have you ever considered combining cannabis and yoga? In our last post I spoke with Liv, from Cannabis Centric, about how she became involved with cannabis and yoga as a…
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Cannabis and Yoga! With Cannabis Centric

As we learn more about the health benefits and healing properties of cannabis it is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Have you ever though about combining the practices of cannabis and yoga? Many people engage in a regular yoga…