Fido-cannabinoids : CBD for Animals

Medicating your pet with CBD is the bark of the town.

High Times and Good Karma

Miss Envy makes moves for Canadian cannabis history and takes home 2 major awards.


#INBUDDHAWETRUST The blueprint for many of our topical inspirations

Win 2 tickets to "The Elevate Experience" - presented by Flower and Freedom

Want to win your chance to learn more about Cannabis in an exciting new way?Miss Envy Botanicals and Vancouver-based educational brand, Flower and Freedom, are giving you the chance to elevate your cannabis experience! We are giving away…

The Elevate Experience

We team up with the Flower & Freedom, for a night of cannabis education.
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Medicate, Educate, Collaborate

Medicate, educate and collaborate is not just a catchy phrase, it's a set of guiding principles.

Interview with Miss Envy

Miss Envy gives a short interview at LIFT Toronto 2017.

A Greener Outlook on Health & Wellness Starts With Touch.

The touching tale of how Miss Envy came to be.

Cannabis as an End to Addiction.

Learn how the High Hopes Foundation is using cannabis to treat addictions.

THC Distillate - The Future of Infused Products.

What makes distillate so special? 99.9% THC content, zero terpenes, and endless possibilities.