cannabis and yoga

Do you engage in yoga, meditation or other mindful movement practices? Have you ever considered combining cannabis and yoga? In our last post I spoke with Liv, from Cannabis Centric, about how she became involved with cannabis and yoga as a combined practice. For many of us yoga may seem intimidating but the way Liv has approached it makes it valuable part of our wellness routine.

Here we will explore more of the cannabis side of Liv’s experience. As well as how cannabis not only helps her to continue in her yoga practice but manage her physical health daily. With Miss Envy and other cannabis solutions people are doing a better job of maintaining their physical and mental health.

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What led you to start using Cannabis?

I started using cannabis with a recreational intent. Because that’s how society viewed it at the time. It wasn’t until later that I discovered its incredible medicinal benefits and pursued a more mindful and therapeutic approach to my consumption.

This progressed to a deep passion for learning and understanding about cannabis and how it can affect people’s lives and well being. I started on this journey of learning with pure curiosity. Later it turned into a necessity, as recently I have had huge changes to my health caused by over use of pharmaceuticals and stress. This has caused serious chronic illnesses.

cannabis and yoga

What do you use cannabis to treat now?

In the last 8 months I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic migraines and a potential autoimmune condition related to both. So, I use cannabis for everything these days. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without this incredible plant.

I also use cannabis to treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain, hormone dysfunction from extended birth control use, migraines, sleep dysfunction due to pain and anxiety, nervous system dysfunction and of course I still use it for fun too 😉

Why did you choose Cannabis over other “traditional” forms of treatment (ie. prescription medication, physiotherapy, etc.)? Or did you try these first and needed an alternative?

A number of the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed as a young adult (namely antibiotics but some others as well) is one of the main causes of my illness. So using cannabis and other alternative healing therapies are the only alternative.

Cannabis, and other more alternative healing modalities including yoga, are the only reason I have any semblance of health today. Considering the current medical system has done way more harm than good, I try and stay as far away as possible.

I stick to cannabis, herbs, diet, movement practices, meditation, nature and alternative therapies to heal my mind and body from the damage.

What types of Cannabis products do you use in your wellness routine? And do you have a specific cannabis routine that works for you?

I use pretty well everything cannabis. I eat it, vape it, dab it, smoke it (only sometimes as I do try to avoid combustion), put it on my skin, bathe in it, use cannabis suppositories, and one of my most favourites as of late for pain and inflammation are CBD patches.

My cannabis routine is 20-40mg full plant CBD tincture and 5-20mg sativa tincture periodically throughout the day depending on my pain levels. I also use topicals, and vapeables, throughout the day, again dependent on the severity of my symptoms. Then 1:1 full plant CBD:THC phoenix tears and full plant or high CBD concentrates for sleep.

For really bad pain days, I use pure THC phoenix tears (aka RSO) and CBD patches (I’d use them everyday if they weren’t so expensive).

I can’t wait until cannabis insurance coverage is more accessible!  

Do you or have you used any Miss Envy products? If so, what did you use them for and what was your experience?

My favourite Miss Envy product is definitely the bath bombs. They smell great and make your body feel like melted butter floating on clouds which is hugely helpful for pain. I also like the 1:1 tincture for daytime function pain relief, the Buddha Buddah for topical pain relief and nice warming of my sore muscles before exercise.  


And of course the apparel makes me feel confident and fly in my cannabis consumption!

Check out CannaCentric on Instagram for more information about Liv’s meditation and yoga practice and all the other interesting cannabis related things she is up to. Want to know even more? Read another interview Liv has done with Flower and Freedom.

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