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Cannabidiol for natural wellness: What’s the CBD-eal?


Finding ways to use Cannabidiol for natural wellness – to treat chronic conditions and everyday ailments without chemicals or harmful side effects – is becoming an increasingly popularized topic of public inquiry, as Cannabis becomes legalized, nation-wide.

As the cannabis conversation continues, both in Canada and across the globe – many continue to try and understand each compound, and how they work towards wellness.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol, known more popularly as CBD, is the “non-euphoric” non-psychotropic compound found in traditional cannabis and cannabis hemp stalk. A natural regulator, CBD also helps to counteract the effects of the more widely known cannabinoid, THC, allowing for a more harmonious medicating experience in its full plant form. With its lack of producing the body and cerebral ”high” – CBD has become the case of studies for paediatric treatment and has more recently joined the conversation in alternative treatments for pets.

Photo: thesativa - Instagram

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Benefits of CBD


Formal research continues to grow in areas where anecdotal stories share success on using CBD in treatment of ailments such as Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, and anxiety disorders – to name a few. CBD can be found in varying quantities in both traditional cannabis and hemp plant stalk. Hemp-based CBD extractions offer a more potent and cleaner CBD release, with less than 0.3% THC, even before extraction. Majority of readily available CBD oils and infusions are sourced from cannabis hemp , to ensure potency and clarity.

CBD and Hemp History


Benefits of Hemp (Classification of Cannabis Sativa – and a trusted source for high CBD content) have been popularized over decades in natural wellness through hemp seed oil – aiding in reducing skin irritations and inflammation. However, the process of CBD extraction or activation, comes from the decarboxylation of plant matter of the cannabis family. This difference of source point and activation of hemp seed and CBD oil unlock a broader spectrum for medicinal and holistic benefits, when using Cannabidiol for natural wellness .

Photo: thesativa - Instagram

CBD solvent free tincture – Photo: thesativa

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