Cannabis and Coronavirus

Cannabis and Coronavirus: What you need to know

As the situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold many people are worried about their personal safety. It’s important to stay informed without allowing your concern to turn into panic. Here is what we know about cannabis and coronavirus.

How cannabis users can stay healthy during coronavirus outbreak

  1. No more puff, puff, pass. Don’t share joints, bongs, vapes or any other cannabis products or equipment that come into contact with your mouth.
  2. Wash your hands regularly. Washing your hands regularly helps to prevent transmission of the virus. Remember to wash them with soap and warm water for a minimum of twenty seconds. If you are unable to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol.
  3. Clean all high touch surfaces regularly. Don’t forget your cell phone.
  4. Be conscious of physical contact with others. Switch from a typical handshake or fist bump to waving or other greetings from a distance.
  5. Practice social distancing. Social distancing can make a significant impact on reducing the transmission of the virus and slow down the overall spread. It’s time for everyone to be practicing social distancing.
    • Stay home whenever possible, including working from home.
    • Any necessary trips out of the house, like grocery shopping or getting medicine, try to keep to lower traffic times of the day.
    • Keep physical distance, approximately 6 feet, between yourself and others.
    • Avoid taking public transit when going out.
    • Cancel or postpone events.
    • Avoid contact with those who are in high-risk categories including elderly populations, chronically ill and immunocompromised individuals.

It’s also important to be aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms as well as have a plan for self-quarantine if we develop symptoms or believe we have come into contact with someone who has been exposed.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Common signs of infection by a coronavirus include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

Often symptoms are relatively mild. Individuals who are experiencing symptoms are being advised to call a doctor or 8-1-1 (nurses helpline) before seeking medical attention unless their symptoms are severe.

Severe symptoms include;

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

Avoid going to the hospital unless symptoms are severe or you have been advised by a doctor. The government of BC has released a self-assessment tool that can help you to determine whether or not you need to get tested.

Self-Quarantine Plans

Individuals and households should plan to have their houses stocked with the supplies they need to not leave their house for two to three weeks in case they get sick.

This does not only mean enough food but things you will need to manage symptoms, such as; Tylenol, cough suppressants, tissues, disinfectant wipes, etc.

The CDC has advice on self-quarantine including how to reduce the spread of the virus within a household.

Cannabis and Coronavirus

Many people are stocking up on supplies, including cannabis, so they don’t have to leave their houses. But it’s important to remember that coronavirus is a respiratory illness so be cautious when it comes to cannabis and coronavirus symptoms. Smoking cannabis, if you have respiratory symptoms, could make the symptoms worse.

Yes, cannabis has pain-relieving, sleep-inducing, and anti-inflammatory properties that could help with symptom relief but consider alternatives to smoking.

Miss Envy offers a wide range of smokeless cannabis products that you can order in our online store. These range from oils to capsules to edible products.

Now that many of us are stuck at home, it might be a good time to try your hand at making some homemade cannabis edibles. Check out the cannabis recipes section of our blog for inspiration. Though we do not recommend going to the store just for baking supplies, be creative and use the things you already have at home.

Coronavirus and Cannabis Events (4/20)

4/20 is just over a month away and many cities have already decided to cancel their events. Canadian officials have determined that any events over 250 people are currently unsafe and could increase the rate of transmission.

Yes, it’s unfortunate we will not be having 4/20 events in the year 2020, but preemptively making decisions that are going to slow down the spread of the virus and increase safety is a priority.

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

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