Cannabis use is deeply rooted in the LGBTQ+ community with community members being at the forefront of cannabis legalization. This is a history that cannabis community members cannot forget. Here we have chatted with Tommi Darlene about cannabis and drag; her experience with cannabis use and how she incorporates it into her daily routine as well as how it helps her with her drag performance.

Drag Queen

Tommi Darlene Photo Credits to The Drag Series aka Fernando Cysneiros

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How has cannabis impacted your life? 

I’ve replaced a lot of my PTSD related prescriptions with cannabis use and dosing daily with the tinctures has helped me phase out a few of my pharmaceutical drugs.

I had been using prescription drugs for 3 years to manage some of the symptoms of my PTSD,  before almost completely switching to CBD/THC based products. I found myself feeling less foggy/groggy and frankly just all around less toxic when using cannabis. 

Working CBD into my regular medication routine keeps me feeling stable, clear-headed and more energetic. Formerly, my pharmaceuticals would make me nauseous, give me migraines and leave me feeling groggy and nonfunctional 9 times out of 10 (I mean, I guess they have the don’t drive while using these pills for a reason!). 

I’ve also have found that I use instant relief pills, like Xanax, less. So significantly less that sometimes I don’t touch my Xanax bottle for weeks, or sometimes months, which is a massive comparison to when I would reach for a pill multiple times a day.

To summarize, before my CBD regiment I would depend on these drugs. But they worked to sedate me and shut my brain down, make me useless and basically left me just wanting to sleep all day, and sometimes they would even make it hard to eat. CBD and THC have changed a lot of that for me, I eat better now, I can take one a day without as much anxiety and stress as I had before and with that, I don’t constantly feel exhausted! 

Cannabis and Drag

I do drag full time and with all the physical demands of the performance as well as the aesthetic demands I am often in pain. So, it’s important to have something that treats my pain that isn’t popping pills all the time. Cannabis helps me with that. But it’s more than just the physical demands of drag. CBD tinctures and caps also help manage my overall stress levels. I feel less overwhelmed with my schedule, clears my head you know? 

Drag is everything I ever wanted, but it’s also super overwhelming and stressful most of the time! (I can understand why people need assistants.) I host a weekly, and a monthly show, am a resident DJ bi-weekly at another drag show and I’ve also have started DJing around town in drag. And more recently I’ve started teaching private dance classes. Also, I have a super part-time job cleaning (1-2 days a week) and then I fill the rest of my time with as many shows I can hop onto and creating looks.

How do you incorporate cannabis into your routine with Drag?

I’ll usually take a couple of drops of tincture (ideally I like to just use the CBD to avoid too much of the psychoactive effects that come with THC) while I’m getting my makeup on, I also like to roll the bar on my feet, shoulders, back, and back of my neck also while I’m getting ready. 

Walking in heels, corsetting and wearing at least 4 pairs of tights really needs something to take the edge off!

Also, when I wake up in pain after a performance I use the Buddha Bar on my legs and lower back and it calms everything down. 

I’m a very intense high-stress person and I overthink. I believe the regular doses of CBD is the thing that helps me level my moods out and make me a more tolerable person to be blunt. Which is super important being a host of multiple shows and a DJ-  and a working performer in general. I definitely feel the difference when I’m between bottles sometimes. And it helps that it’s strictly CBD because THC can have impacts on me that I am not always looking for.

Do you use Miss Envy products? How do you incorporate them into your daily routine?

My must-haves in my daily kit are Miss Envy’s 300mg CBD tincture and the Buddha Bar. I also sometimes use the 1:1 CBD/THC tincture. Another one that myself (and my mother) are huge fans of is the CBD capsules. Whenever we find them we literally buy as many bottles as we can.

And the Buddha bar is a saviour for me doing drag pretty well every day, as well as with pre-existing injuries I have. 

Miss Envy Cannabis Topicals

What your current cannabis/CBD routine? 

My current routine is I take 1 of the 30mg CBD caps a day, usually in the morning with the rest of my medications. For my tincture, I usually take about 4-6 drops of the 300MG CBD or the 1:1 as I am getting ready for a show.

For the Bar I use it along with my skin routine fairly regularly so for that it would be basically every other day, and of course when I have flare-ups or a show! So I guess everyday hahaha.

Any final thoughts? Do you feel there is any connection between cannabis and your queer identity or the queer community? 

Oh yes, I started a 420 pageant!! 

In general, though cannabis has helped me in countless ways, whether it’s legitimately improving my quality of life medically/mentally or it’s just helping me wind down or get out of my own head and break out of my shell. Most in the community know they can always find me in a smoking circle.

Follow Tommi Darelene on social media at @itstommibitch (IG and Twitter) and catch her at one of her shows!

Drag Queen

Tommi Darlene Photo Credits to The Drag Series aka Fernando Cysneiros


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