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Cannabis is quickly outrunning the stereotypes of stoner culture and has become part of our regular health & wellness routine. Cannabis has even started to take over in the fitness community. More athletes are using cannabis for post-workout recovery. Cannabis and CBD are currently used for their health and healing benefits, so the connection between cannabis and fitness makes sense.

Fitness, whatever that looks like for you, is an important aspect of our physical and mental health. Therefore, connecting your cannabis health routine and your fitness routine can help you to achieve the benefits of both.

Cannabis for Post Workout Recovery

Fitness activities intentionally put a strain on our bodies with the goal of growth. But this can often lead to aches and pains and sometimes injuries. So, how can we use cannabis to help mitigate the pain and support workout recovery?

Cannabis: Inflammation and Pain

Cannabis has a positive impact on our bodies’ level of inflammation as well as helps us to effectively manage pain. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, I’ve found it targets pain and stiffness right after my workout or for full-body relaxation and recovery overnight.

“Cannabis can be helpful for sports both during activity and afterward,” Dr. Tishler, a Harvard-trained physician, and cannabis therapeutics specialist, said to the Grow Op. “Its primary role is that of a pain reliever, which can be helpful in both situations.”

Cannabis Sleep & Recovery

Cannabis, particularly CBD, also has an impact on our sleep. Including improving our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sleep is an important aspect of our healing process as it gives our body a chance to relax and engage the repair processes. While sleeping our body is calmer and we release the hormones necessary for healing and wound recovery. Sleep also increases our immune functioning which is essential for fitness. And, when we wake up feeling rested and restored we are motivated and feel more physically able to continue with our fitness routine the next day. Consistency is so important when it comes to regular fitness.

Cannabis Topicals for Post Workout Relief

The advantage of cannabis topicals is that you can apply them directly to the site of the pain or discomfort. Also, using THC topically gives you all the benefits of cannabis for pain, muscle relaxation, and inflammation without getting you high.

You can even infuse THC into your bath routine, with THC bath bombs. Baths are often a to-go for self-care and relaxation post-workout and combining that with the soothing feelings of cannabis is a perfect fit.

How to Use Cannabis for Fitness Recovery

There is not yet specific research relating to cannabis and fitness recovery, so there is no universal cannabis recovery routine.

The type of cannabis regime you choose post-workout is going to vary partially based on the fitness activities you’re engaged in, your fitness goals, how fitness typically affects your body, as well as your relationship/experience with cannabis.

There are a few options when it comes to cannabis and fitness recovery:

  1. Cannabis/CBD Vape or Tincture:
    • Vapes and tinctures are a good method of consuming cannabis right after your workout. They take effect relatively quickly and not only help your body heal but extend the feelings of the ‘runners high’ post-workout. These methods are both easy to take with you and relatively discreet.
  2. Cannabis Topicals:
    • As we mentioned previously, cannabis topicals can be applied directly to the site of pain or soreness to accelerate the healing process. Some may even apply topicals prior to their workout to help their muscles stay loose and help particularly problematic areas.
  3. Cannabis/CBD edibles or capsules:
    • Edibles are known to have a more ‘body high’ than other methods of consumption which could be an advantage as we recover from a hard workout. Though do remember that edibles take longer to see effects as they’re absorbed through the stomach. So, always wait at least 45 minutes before upping your dose.
    • Edibles, and CBD capsules, can be a great cannabis consumption method for later in the evening and before bed.
    • Edibles don’t have to be the sugar-packed treats you may be used to (that wouldn’t be ideal post-workout). With Miss Envy’s line of cannabis-infused culinary products, you can make any of your favourite meals into edibles (both THC and CBD). Check out the cannabis recipes section of our blog for inspiration and a growing list of easy to make recipes.

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CBD or THC for Workout Recovery?

We know that THC and CBD affect our body slightly differently by attaching to different receptors in our endocannabinoid system (read more about how our Endocannabinoid system works). Therefore, it makes sense that a combination of THC and CBD would be the most effective in targeting all of the pains as well as all the processes of recovery.

Consider using a tincture that includes both! If you’re worried about the psychoactive effects of THC know that CBD does help to counteract this ‘high’ effect. But you can start with a tincture that is higher in CBD than THC. We also always recommend starting with a low dose (only a drop or two). Then increasing slowly over a few hours, or even over a few days, to find the best dose for you. You can also make your own edibles with whatever ratio of THC and CBD you’d like by combining Miss Envy’s coconut oils.

Alternatively, many people start with CBD alone and then add THC later as they become more comfortable. There is no right way to use cannabis for recovery. It’s always about what works best for you. Just remember to start slow and use responsibly.

If you are considering using cannabis as part of your pre-workout routine, check out our article that addresses the benefits and important things to remember.

What People are Saying about Cannabis Recovery

Research published in Frontiers in Public Health, Bryan and her colleagues found that many people do use weed before or after their workouts — and that those who do actually tend to exercise more than the average American. People are feeling more energized and motivated to workout as well as help them recover and relax after workouts.

Even professional athletes are onboard with cannabis use relating to fitness. Cannabis Aficionado highlights 2o professional athletes who are cannabis advocates.

But let’s get a little more personal. Nicholas Witzke (@nicolavoca), a competitive cyclist, has been using Miss Envy products for years. 

I use Miss Envy CBD tinctures/ oils every night for muscle inflammation, cortisol reduction, and deep sleep. Sleep is absolutely fundamental with endurance sport, and cannabis is my main tool for better sleep. 
Training daily raises cortisol levels quite significantly, which can have long-lasting impacts on a persons body. Including impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, and blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia (source).
This is what he had to say about his regular cannabis routine:
I like to experiment with all types of remedies, and nothing brings relief and recovery like a 1:1 or 3:1 tincture. I find THC works harmoniously with CBD. THC gets the ball rolling by providing pain relief and helps me fall asleep. CBD seems to play a role later on by helping me stay asleep and providing much-needed aid to the endocrine system.
Furthermore, the Miss Envy Buddha topicals work wonders for both pre and post-training! 
endurance cyclist

Nicholas Witzke (@nicolavoca)


If you use cannabis or CBD as part of your regular fitness routine we would like to hear from you. Contact us on our website or via social media @miss.enybotanicals


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