Vancouver Pride is coming up and it is important for inclusion to be in the minds of members of the cannabis community. These two communities have a long connected history. Since LGBTQ activists, like Denis Peron, were at the forefront of cannabis legalization due to its significant impact on those suffering from AIDS. So Cannabis and Pride will always be connected. To Learn more about this from our previous post on Cannabis and Pride here.

What’s happening for Pride in Vancouver?

The Pride parade in Vancouver takes place on the Sunday of the August long weekend in Vancouver. This year the parade falls on August 4th followed by the Pride Festival at sunset beach. But the festivities start as early as the weekend prior! Check out Vancouver Pride Society’s Calendar of Events for more information about the parade and other events. But note that Vancouver Pride Society is NOT the only group that puts on fabulous pride events. Vancouver Arts and Leisure (VAL) has an entire list of events they put on and collectively call Alternative Pride. There are also other events put on by other smaller groups like Man Up Vancouver, and Sleepy Girls Productions (who also have bi-weekly or monthly events throughout the year) as well as others. 

Cannabis and Pride: Miss Envy Sponsors Commercial Drag

Miss Envy is a proud sponsor of Sleepy Girls Productions in conjunction with Commercial Drag this Pride season. Drag is an important part of the queer community and is something that should be celebrated. If you are going to participate in Pride you should definitely try to make it out to a drag show, and Commercial Drag is an incredibly welcoming group of people in a genuine and open environment. 

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with drag and some of the drag community in Vancouver, or are hesitant to come out to a show because you don’t know what to expect, check out this article I wrote for What’s On Queer BC about Drag and the community in Vancouver. 

Cannabis and Pride

Commercial Drag and Sleepy Girls Productions are hosting three amazing shows over Pride Week! Commercial Drag Presents: Shrek 2!, Yuk Yuk Vancouver’s All Drag Comedy Show!, and Commercial Drag $5 Pride. Below is more information about each of these events. 

Commercial Drag Presents: Shrek 2!

Commercial Drag

Come Join us in the Swamp! Sunday July 28th At the London Pub. Doors at 8pm. Show at 930pm.

Tickets are $10 Advanced, $13 at the door (get advanced tickets here) $1 from every advanced ticket sold will be donated to Tiny House Warriors.


Fiona: Molly Poppinz (Ricky Eldridge)
Donkey: Ryan Goshling (Nicola Whitney-Griffiths)
Puss: Owen  (Selina Owen Shefrin)
Fairy godmother: Jerrilynn Spears  (Cam Dienstbier)
Lord Farquad: Channing Titanium (Emily Bilton)
Gingie: Belladonna VonShade (Phoenix Govens)
Dragon: Dong Ganisa (Romeo Villanueva III)
Ugly step sister: Lamé
PrinceCharming: Slim (Heath Van Severen)
Pinocchio: Mx Bukuru (Dominique Samuels)
Big bad wolf: Sherrie Blossem
The onion: Homo Harware (Charlie Cook)
Harold the Frog: Zit Poppinz (Em Elliot)

Yuk Yuk Vancouver’s All Drag Comedy Show!

Cannabis and Pride

Saturday August 3rd. Doors at 10pm, Show at 1030pm. $20 Advanced, $25 at the door (But last time we sold out so get your tickets now!)

It was only a matter of time until Comedy Drag performers were brought into the fold of Canada’s Comedy legacy! This show is a celebration of Comedy Drag and art of making people laugh. This show will have EVERYTHING you want and even maybe a few things you don’t. We are pulling out all the gags for this show…You won’t want to miss it!

Meet your Hosts:

Dust// @unicornriverchild
Mischief maker, Certified Crystal Healer, Loves fermented cucumbers, Only joins cults if there is chips. Karaoke STAR, Toenail Biter

Jerrilynn Spears (Cam Dienstbier) // @justicforjerri
Fried Chicken Lover, suburban mom, big lips, albatross screech, Queen of wrist   reveals. Yummy Mummy

Anne Xiety // @anne_xiety_
Longest neck in human history, mess, beer drinker, fierce lip syncer, Calgary’s Best Drag Queen.

Check out their event page for a list of featured performers.

Commercial Drag $5 Pride

Commercial Drag

Sunday August 4th at The London Pub. Dinner is at 8pm. Show at 9:30pm

This pride event is for everybody.

During Pride we see a lot of inflated prices and this can sometimes leave the financially fragile without a place to get rowdy and celebrate being Bisexual, Pansexual, Ace, Non Binary, Trans, or even gay. So our show will be $5. and we have a $5 menu, inching some libations at that cost!

We are joined by 3 incredible YYC performers, DUKE CARSON (Jordan May), DeVery Bess, and ANNE XIETY (lmao) (Anne Xiety)

also with Jerrilynn Spears (Cam Dienstbier), Aries Season (Luke Sumac Snowden) Belladonna Vonshade (Phoenix Govens), Mx Bukuru (Dominique Samuels), Homeo Hardware (Charlie Cook), Tommi (Samuel C. Carter), Lamé and more!

Hosted by Dust, and probably Anne because she will steal the mic.

Also check out the event page for even more performers who we be at this amazing event. 

Miss Envy Botanicals supports Vancouver pride, and attempts to be conscious of the way we can contribute all year long, not just during visible celebrations like pride month. However, as an organization, we always strive to do better if you have suggestions on how we can have a greater positive impact or more mindfully support the LGBT community in Vancouver, and/or across the country, please let us know. Leave us a comment, contact us through our contact page or via instagram @missenvybotanicals

Miss Envy - CBD Canada

Miss Envy is a proud sponsor of Sleepy Girls Productions in conjunction with Commercial Drag.