Cannabis and the Queer Community: Pride Follow up

Commercial Drag had an epic pride with three incredible shows this pride season. The cannabis and the queer communities are intertwined and Miss Envy was a proud sponsor of Commercial Drag this Pride season. Here we are going to talk about how amazing these events were. As well as provide information about Commercial Drag so you can make it out to a show if you missed these ones.

Commercial Drag Pride Events

One of their amazing events was a Shrek themed drag event. It was iconic! Not only was the show packed, as it typically is, but the characters were on point. The show even ended with an epic All Star sing-a-long in true Commercial Drag fashion.

Cannabis and the queer community

The amazing cast of Shrek at Commercial Drag 2019

Commercial Drag also did a $5 Pride Drag event on the Pride Sunday. They kept their prices at $5 for their event, not only to keep it accessible but to comment on the rising prices of pride. Pride should be accessible. We all want to celebrate and have fun during but many are limited due to inflated costs.

This event was at capacity which is incredible to hear. Dust, the organizer of the events, described the vibe of the space as ‘love’ which is so heart warming. They also said that the event itself was “electric” and that they “cried like eight times for how grateful [they] felt.” This response is exactly why we chose to support an organization like Commercial Drag this year for pride.

Performers for $5 Pride and the packed London Pub

Another regular event they put on is an epic drag show at Yuk Yuk’s called Yuk it up Sis. It was only a matter of time until Comedy Drag performers were brought into the fold of Canada’s Comedy legacy! This show is a celebration of Comedy Drag and art of making people laugh.

“This show will have EVERYTHING you want and even maybe a few things you don’t. We are pulling out all the gags for this show…You wont want to miss it!” Dust.

You seriously can’t go wrong with comedy and drag and these humans are hilarious. During pride these performers turned Yuk Yuk’s “on it’s head”. Make sure to keep up to date on the next event, they always sell out.

comedy and drag

Cannabis and the Queer Community

Drag is an important part of the queer community and is something that should be celebrated. If you weren’t able to make it out to a drag event during pride don’t worry drag happens all year round!

Commercial Drag is an incredibly welcoming group of people in a genuine and open environment. Their events are biweekly on Sunday nights at the London Pub on Main Street. Their next show is September 8th. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on the events and their amazing themes.

Drag in Vancouver

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with drag and some of the drag community in Vancouver, or are hesitant to come out to a show because you don’t know what to expect, check out this article I wrote for What’s On Queer BC about Drag and the community in Vancouver.

When we talk about pride it is important for inclusion to be in the minds of members of the cannabis community. These two communities have a long connected history. Since LGBTQ activists, like Denis Peron, were at the forefront of cannabis legalization due to its significant impact on those suffering from AIDS. So Cannabis and Pride will always be connected. To Learn more about this from our previous post on Cannabis and Pride here.

Miss Envy - CBD Canada

Miss Envy Botanicals supports Vancouver pride, and attempts to be conscious of the way we can contribute all year long, not just during visible celebrations like pride month. However, as an organization, we always strive to do better if you have suggestions on how we can have a greater positive impact or more mindfully support the LGBT community in Vancouver, and/or across the country, please let us know. Leave us a comment, contact us through our contact page or via instagram @missenvybotanicals