As we learn more about the health benefits and healing properties of cannabis it is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Have you ever though about combining the practices of cannabis and yoga? Many people engage in a regular yoga practice, and/or regularly consume cannabis. According to Liv, from Cannabis Centric, combining cannabis and yoga can enhance the healing process.

Cannabis Centric is an invitation for individuals to participate in a guided yoga practice while holding the cannabis spirit in their minds or bodies. Curiosity and community is the basis for this exploration, which is enhanced through the mindful use of the cannabis plant. I had the opportunity to chat with Liv, the founder of Cannabis Centric BC, about her experience with cannabis. We discussed what led her to incorporating it into her yoga practice, and what she loves about Envy’s products.

Liv received a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Karma Teachers led by one of her personal mentors Lucy St. John. Along with a 40 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Karma Teachers With Ara Cusack and Lucy St. John.

cannabis and yoga

Were you practising yoga prior to starting to medicate with Cannabis? How did you come to incorporating the two?

I did yoga here and there as a kid with my mom. It wasn’t actually until after I started using cannabis more mindfully that I found my way back to yoga and other mindful movement practices. I find cannabis helped connect me to the practice in a way I wasn’t getting before the more mindful approach to consumption.

How did Cannabis bring you back to yoga as a practice?

Cannabis connected me back to myself and to what my mind and body needed. It gave everything a better platform from which to communicate and then help me start the journey of healing for myself. Cannabis has also helped me learn to love who I am and who I have become through this journey relating to my health. Without it I definitely wouldn’t have become a yoga teacher much less learn how to heal myself and help guide others to do the same.

What do you see as the benefits of combining yoga practice with Cannabis?

I find both yoga and cannabis are very connecting. They both encourage your mind and body communicate more fluidly so why not combine them?

I find cannabis connects me to my breath and intuition. This lets me really listen to what my mind and body need, which is essential for everyone’s healing, especially throughout our busy lives (chronic pain or no).

Cannabis, like yoga, is a tool for healing and through healing we has a society and as individuals can find wellness.

cannabis and yoga

For some people yoga seems like an intimidating practice, how is yin yoga different? And what would you say to people new to yoga about the benefits of incorporating this into their Wellness routine?

Yin yoga is a very restorative form of the practice. It is not the acrobatic yoga that many see as intimidating. Though it is often thought of, in the yoga community, as a more advanced practice, because of the meditative element and call to listen to our bodies. I find cannabis can really magnify mind body communication letting those with little experience open up to these networks within themselves much more easily. I love yin because it was one of the only accessible forms of movement for me at a time when I didn’t even know I was sick.

Yin yoga was created as a way to slow down our movement practices, lengthening the connective tissues in our bodies- tendons, fascia, and ligaments- leading us to inner places of stillness, rest and connection. Yin is wonderful for chronic pain because it works with the body’s myofascial network and nervous system, bringing them both into alignment with long held poses that are also wonderfully meditative and relaxing.

I also add another meditation into the beginnings and ends of my classes. This is so one not only feels a physical transformation but also gets a wonderful mental vacation from the stressors of life during the long held poses.

I am so grateful I found yin as my first exploratory practice getting back into yoga because if I’d chosen another type of yoga (and I almost did) I would likely have abandoned it very quickly.

cannabis and yoga

Click here to read more about Liv, what led her to start using cannabis as a medical treatment and how she is using it now to treat chronic pain and other medical problems. Or check out CannaCentric on Instagram for more information about Liv’s meditation and yoga practice and all the other interesting cannabis related things she is up to.

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