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Cannabis Culture: The future of cannabis post COVID

When we talk about cannabis we are often talking about the culture that has developed around it. There is an incredible community built around cannabis use – not only those who are users but those who are invested in research and education on its numerous uses. A big part of the communal nature of cannabis culture is the tradition of ‘puff, puff, pass’. It’s likely that almost every cannabis user who has smoked cannabis has engaged in this tradition. Sadly, it is something we may have to let go of as a result of the pandemic. 

Cannabis Smoking and Safety

COVID is spread through respiratory droplets; close, prolonged personal contact; and touching an infected area, then touching mouth, nose or eyes before washing hands (source). Therefore, “you can spread coronavirus by sharing any type of paraphernalia together such as a joint, as you have to directly place your hands on it to use it, and then someone else puts their mouth to it too, which is pretty much direct contact,” says general practitioner Giuseppe Aragona, M.D

Preliminary evidence also suggests that smoking could make the symptoms of COVID more severe. Although the research was focused on cigarette smoking and nicotine vaporizers doctors recommend people seek alternatives to smoking. 

If you are going to continue smoking, we suggest keeping it to yourself or only sharing with those who are in your pod (ideally on partners and those you live with).

Reusable joint tips could also be an okay solution when sharing joints. If each person has their own joint tip it prevents people from passing on their saliva. But note this does not avoid the issue of multiple people touching the joint. So, if you’re going to use reusable joint tips when sharing joints remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer and refrain from touching your face. And it is still safer to share among friends in small groups. 

Glass Joint Tip

Just the Tip: Glass Joint Tip

The Future of Cannabis Post COVID

It’s likely that the ‘puff, puff, pass’ culture of cannabis is gone and not likely to return – even post COVID. The pandemic has changed the world and our lives in many ways which will, in many areas, result in a new normal. 

So, what can we do to maintain the community element in cannabis culture while still protecting our health? It’s time to get creative! There are many alternatives so smoking cannabis but we would love to hear your creative suggestions on how to use these methods to bring the community together (in small groups).

Alternatives to Smoking

There are many alternatives to smoking cannabis; two of the most popular smokeless alternatives are edibles and oils/tinctures.


One of the biggest and most appealing consumption methods for enjoying cannabis is edibles. Edibles provide a safe and easy way to consume cannabis with your friends (like at the park) and do not require any sharing. 

You can purchase pre-dosed cannabis edibles like gummies, or chocolates, or you can make your own! 

Making your own edibles not only adds the flexibility of adding THC or CBD to your favourite treats or recipes and experiment with different kinds of edibles, but it provides a unique opportunity to share with your friends. Consider testing out a few recipes together, exchanging your favourite recipes, or doing a cannabis edibles bake exchange. (If you do the bake exchange make sure to accurately calculate the dose and write it down for your friends. Also, share in a container that can be easily wiped down with cleaning products.)

And with Miss Envy creating your own cannabis recipes is easy with our THC and CBD infused coconut oils and our THC olive oil.  

Miss Envy Cannabis infused coconut oil

Check out the growing list of cannabis edible recipes on our website to get you started with some amazing ideas (they’re easier than you think). One of our favourites is these tasty raspberry crumble bars made with Miss Envy’s cannabis-infused coconut oil. Click on the link below to view the recipe. 

Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis beverages are another great way to enjoy the consumption of cannabis with friends – similar to the way you would with alcohol. Note that oil-based products will dissolve best into beverages with fats such as a latte or a smoothie. For other beverages consider using alcohol-based tinctures or CBD isolate.  


Tinctures or oils are another popular alternative to smoking. Although there are fewer community-aspects of cannabis when consumed this way (unless they’re adding to beverages). Oils are typing taken under the tongue. 

But who says you can’t enjoy them together?

Cannabis Tincture

Final thoughts on the future of Cannabis Culture

Just because the tradition of ‘puff, puff, pass’ may be gone doesn’t mean cannabis culture has to change completely. We can be a strong community we just have to do so in a safe, conscious, and creative manner.

Of course, when engaging in social gatherings continue to follow the recommended guidelines. Be conscious of the number of people in your group, engage in social distancing practices, remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, and wear a mask whenever possible. 


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