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Treating Epilepsy With Cannabis Therapy

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Cannabis has been shown to be an effective way to reduce epileptic seizures and other symptoms of epilepsy. CBD oil has been used in both adults and children. So, what is epilepsy? It is a condition that causes repeated seizures. If someone has had more than two seizures, they are known to have epilepsy or to be epileptic. In this article we will introduce many topics related to epilepsy and CBD oil as a treatment option. You can jump to a section in this series via the links below:

How Many People Have Epilepsy, What is It and What Causes It?

Approximately 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy. This is caused by bursts of abnormal activity in the brain. Seizures may cause problems with muscle control, movement, speech, vision or awareness. There is no identifiable cause for epilepsy. The good news is that there is relief. In recent years there is a lot of research being done about epilepsy and CBD oil in Canada, USA and in other parts of the world. CBD was recently approved by the FDA and is also a recognized treatment for epilepsy in Canada. Note: Though epilepsy is generally genetic, sometimes it can be caused by another problem like head injury, brain tumor, brain infection or stroke.

Types of Epileptic Seizures and Symptoms – CBD Oil Recognized Treatment Plan

With epilepsy, someone can have generalized or localized seizures. There are also many different types of seizures. Each will affect the body in different ways. There are some general symptoms of seizures. These can be avoided with CBD oil.  Anticonvulsants and CBD oil work similarly to help prevent and treat seizures. Learn more about seizures and cannabis.

Epilepsy Treatment with Anticonvulsants, Success Statistics and Side Effects

There are many different types of seizures that someone can have. Traditional medication like anticonvulsants is used as a first resort in treating seizures. There are many side effects of anti-seizure medication. With CBD these are greatly reduced. Usually CBD becomes part of the treatment plan when traditional medications like anticonvulsants aren’t working or when their side effects are too much to bear. Increased research and successful treatment of epilepsy with CBD oil has allowed more people suffering to finally get relief. Learn more about how anticonvulsants vs CBD oil treat epilepsy.

Epilepsy and CBD Oil – Science, Autism, CBD vs THC for Children and Adults

When traditional medications for epilepsy fail or create too many problems, CBD may be explored. There is a lot of scientific evidence that matches the relief epileptics are feeling with CBD. It is so safe that it is also being used for children who suffer from this condition. Scientists even found that there is a connection between autism and epilepsy. CBD is a safe treatment for both conditions. There have been many clinical trials that test the effectiveness of CBD and THC in children and adults. Learn more about how to treat epilepsy with CBD for children.

Best Cannabis Types, Spectrums and Strains for Epilepsy

There are many different types of cannabis. Each will fall under a different spectrum and correspond to one or more strains. There are some strains that are better for treating epilepsy than others. CBD is generally the best, but being informed of all of your options is sensible. Learn more about the best cannabis strains for epilepsy.

Anticonvulsants vs CBD Oil – How Do They Work to Prevent and Treat Seizures?

Anticonvulsants and CBD oil both work to help keep neurons calm. When neurons become excited, this can lead to seizures. Anticonvulsants change how ions flow in and out of neurons. CBD oil binds to the CB1 receptor  which helps to regulate hormones that are responsible for reproductive functions, stress and anxiety. Learn more about anticonvulsants and CBD oil.

CBD Dosing for Epilepsy – How to Consume and Treat Seizures in Adults and Children

Knowing the correct CBD dose to treat epilepsy is important. There are general guidelines based on body weight and other factors. Dosing should always be done while working with a doctor. Close attention needs to be paid to make any necessary adjustments. There are many ways to consume CBD. There are tinctures, oils and isolates as well as capsules and drops. Consumption methods range from oral ingestion to topical applications to inhaling. How you consume is up to you. Learn more about CBD oil dosing for epilepsy.

Cannabis Therapy for Epilepsy in Adults and Children – Where to Get CBD Oil

Cannabis therapy is a successful treatment for epilepsy in children and adults. There are many stories worldwide from people who have gotten solace. CBD oil works with those who suffer from epileptic and non-epileptic seizures. Learn more about cannabis therapy for epilepsy.

Treating Epilepsy with Cannabis is Safe, Effective and Natural

If you would like to incorporate CBD into your pain plan, you can buy CBD oil for seizures at our cannabis shop.  We have many different products from edibles to topical creams to CBD for your pet. Taking CBD daily can help prevent seizures. It can also treat many other conditions.

If you or someone you know is suffering or is in pain from epilepsy there is hope. Talk to your doctor about using CBD as a part of your treatment plan. Reducing or getting off of harmful and ineffective medications can be possible with CBD. Treating epilepsy with cannabis is safe and natural. Please make sure to consult with your doctor before deciding to use CBD, discontinue or decrease dosage of any epileptic medications. Check out the next page in this series: How Generalized and Localized Seizures Affect the Body, Types of Seizures, Symptoms and Cannabis Therapy .