Anticonvulsants vs CBD – How Do They Work to Prevent and Treat Seizures?

Anticonvulsants vs CBD oil are both valid epilepsy medications. They work in different ways to relieve and prevent symptoms. Understanding how each works and trying both under Dr supervision may be the best route. Usually people turn to CBD oil when traditional anti-seizure medications fail or have too many unpleasant side effects. We will discuss these treatment plans below. This is Treating Epilepsy With Cannabis Therapy Pt 6 / 8.

How Do Anticonvulsants Work to Prevent and Treat Seizures?

Anticonvulsants (epilepsy medications) may affect the neurotransmitters responsible for sending messages from the brain to the body. They may also attach themselves to neurons. This is done to alter the activity of the cell. Anticonvulsants change how ions flow in and out of neurons.

How Does Cannabis Work to Prevent and Treat Seizures? – CBD, ECS, CB1R

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is a biological system that helps to control the energy balance in humans. It is made up of endocannabinoids, which are a type of neurotransmitter that CBD binds to.

More specifically, CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1R). This receptor is found in the memory-related areas of the brain and within the nervous system. The CB1 receptor helps to keep neurons calm. This receptor is responsible for regulating hormones that are related to reproductive functions, stress and anxiety. CB1 helps to treat epilepsy because it keeps neurons calm. In this state they are less likely to act up, which could trigger a seizure.

How does CBD oil stop seizures?

The effect is similar to how CBD decreases excitation. Anti-seizure medication can also enhance inhibition. The end result is close to how CBD works in making seizures less likely to occur. CBD oil has less side effects than traditional medications for epilepsy. Sometimes with CBD people will feel tired and need a nap. In contrast to the slew of adverse effects mentioned on our epilepsy treatment with anticonvulsants page, this is pretty good. Something to consider when taking CBD for epilepsy is the dosage.

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Anticonvulsants vs CBD Oil – Choose the Right Treatment Plan for Your Epilepsy

It is really fascinating how anticonvulsants vs cbd oil both work in the treatment of epilepsy. Everyone is different and some people will respond better to one medication over the other. Sometimes a combination will work best for another person. It is all about finding out what will work for you. Feel free to pick up some CBD oil and supplement a small dose with your anti-seizure medication. As always, be safe and consult with your Dr. Check out the next page in this series: Epilepsy CBD Dosage and Consumption Charts for Treating Seizures in Adults and Children Pt 7 – CBD Oil Canada: Cannabis Education