Treating Epilepsy With CBD Oil, Scientific Evidence, the Autism Connection and CBD vs THC for Children and Adults

Treating epilepsy with CBD oil is a promising solution for those suffering from epilepsy and seizures. CBD can treat many issues. While research for some ailments is relatively new, there is a lot of information about epilepsy and cannabis. In particular, CBD works exceptionally well for those who need relief when traditional medications fail or cause too many difficulties. There is a better way.  Let us tell you all about it in this article: Treating Epilepsy With Cannabis Therapy Pt 4 / 8.

cbd and epilepsy

Treating Epilepsy With CBD Oil Canada – Surgery as a Last Resort

If medications are not effective, sometimes a change in diet can help. In some cases brain surgery may be required in order to manage seizures. Before a drastic measure like surgery, many Canadians are turning to cannabis. In particular, CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a healthy and safe alternative. You can use CBD oil for nocturnal seizures or ones that happen during the day.

Treating Epilepsy with Cannabis – Scientific Evidence

Cannabis treatment for epilepsy has been shown to be so safe and effective that it is even used in children as young as two years old. In fact, at SickKids in Toronto, they have been using a combination of THC and CBD to help kids who have drug-resistant epilepsy.

Health care professionals have seen a significant decrease in seizures in children that use CBD. They have improved in overall functioning and have had an increased ability to learn. Using cannabis to treat epilepsy is very promising. Another CBD and epilepsy study found that seizures were reduced by up to 42% with regular use of CBD. This is remarkable. Along with epilepsy, sometimes people can have other conditions. Autism is one where there is a connection between it and epilepsy.

Epilepsy and Autism Connection – Those with ASD More Likely than Neurotypicals to Have Epilepsy

Autism and epilepsy may have a connection. Those diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), now referred to as the continuum, appear to be more likely to have epilepsy or suffer from seizures than those who don’t have ASD. For more information on Autism check out our article about Treating Autism with Cannabis. (Coming soon). We will go over the connection between the two in detail on that page. Let’s get back to epilepsy. It can be confusing knowing if THC or CBD is a better treatment.

CBD or THC for Epileptic Seizures in Children – Which is a Better Treatment?

Most clinical trials have focused specifically on the use of CBD for treating seizures. CBD does not cause the psychoactive ‘high’ that THC does. Therefore, it is able to be used more broadly. CBD for pets and children is regarded as safe, effective and has positive results. There are different types of cannabis. Some contain more CBD and some contain more THC. Let’s review the types of cannabis.

Treating Epilepsy With CBD Oil Canada – Backed by Science and it Works.

Epilepsy is a complex condition where many areas of life are impacted. There are numerous challenges, but there are remedies too. Treating epilepsy with CBD oil is something you need to discuss with your Dr. If you would like to give CBD a try now, just be sure to keep your doses small. The sooner you talk to your Dr. about a CBD treatment plan the sooner you can have the appeasement that you deserve. Check out the next page in this series: Types of Cannabis, Spectrums and Strains for Treating Epilepsy Pt 5 – CBD Oil Canada: Cannabis Education