Epilepsy CBD Success Stories – What People are Saying About Cannabis Therapy for Epilepsy in Adults and Children

There are many epilepsy CBD success stories. This is Treating Epilepsy With Cannabis Therapy Pt 8 / 8. In pt 7 we went over how how CBD can be consumed. Let us now share some success stories with you.

Successful Cannabis Therapy for Epileptic Adults and Children – Actual News Stories

Many people with epilepsy have amazing results with cannabis therapy. A couple stories from CTV News feature two families where they discuss how CBD has helped to relieve seizures. There is also another story about a teen in the USA who also had similar seizure relief. There are many other stories featured on the Epilepsy Foundation’s community forum, on Reddit and other reputable sites. Children also have success with cannabis therapy.

Cannabis for Children Under 19 – Successful Cannabis Therapy for Kids and Teens

There have been many advances in treating health conditions with cannabis in children under 19. Dr. Michael Verbora, a medical director at Canabo Medical Clinic in Surrey, BC, says he has seen “tremendous” results with cannabis therapy. He currently has 10 pediatric patients with Autism who are using this treatment. One of his patients is just seven years old.

Dr. Verbora is quoted as saying “The worst side effects I’m seeing are a little bit of sedation, but it’s typically nowhere near the traditional pharmaceuticals these same patients would use for their behaviours anyway.” There are many other doctors who also support his view and more doctors are turning to cannabis when conventional treatment methods fail. CBD can even be used to treat non epileptic seizures.

Epilepsy CBD Success Stories – Will You be the Next One?

Given the number of epilepsy CBD success stories, it is a valid form of treatment for seizures and epilepsy. It is used on children, adults and even pets. CBD is a safe and effective treatment for epilepsy.  You can get some CBD from our cannabis shop, but be sure to consult with your doctor if you are trying it for epilepsy. This concludes our treating epilepsy with cannabis series. To fo to the main cannabis education page, click: Treating Health Issues and Mental Disorders with Cannabis Therapy – EnvyWellness.