We’ve always been about keeping the Treat in treatment. Giving you health conscious concoctions to keep you comfortable in your day to day life is a big part of what we do.  That’s why it has been so sad to see the wave of opioid overdoses crash upon our shores.  It’s no secret that some medications do more harm than good, a short trip to the dentist can become a long walk to recovery from prescription pain killer addiction. We’ve seen this all over, heart breaking stories of lives lost and opportunities missed, but what if we could change that?

What if we could help put an end to addictions?  What if cannabis could help put an end to addictions!

In the lower east side of Vancouver, addiction is everywhere. Alongside it are pain and suffering, hunger and hopelessness. That is until the High Hopes Foundation shows up.  Sarah Blyth is the founder of the Overdose Prevention Society and an integral part of the High Hopes Foundation. There is so much that she has done – most notable is providing cannabis infused product to those who would seek a more dangerous alternative to treat their pains. Cannabis is playing a major role in helping these people. Quieting the call of their addiction, the infused muffins, and other baked goods give them both temporary relief from the need to use and a much need source of nutrients as buying food often takes a backseat to buying hard drugs. For opiate users, this is especially true, making their addiction all the more dangerous.

You can learn more about what the High Hopes Foundation is doing from their recent article in the Georgia Straight here http://www.straight.com/cannabis/941071/cannabis-edibles-offer-alternative-hard-drugs-downtown-eastside

So why and how does cannabis help? First of all, it is a safe alternative. Second, cannabis can help suppress the cravings, and lastly, cannabis itself is non-addictive. Those factors alone make it an indispensable tool to heal addictions.  Here at Miss Envy, we see the harm the opioid crisis is causing and we feel compelled to put an end to it, and we invite you to help us by making a donation.

Click on the link below and help make a difference in the lives of so many.


Thank you so much for supporting us and our communities.

Miss Envy.


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