Cannabis for Chemotherapy

Cannabis and Cancer: Cannabis for chemotherapy symptoms a personal story

One of our Miss Envy ambassadors Nicola Witzke was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been sharing his experience with cannabis use and cancer on his Instagram. We’ve previously discussed treating cancer with cannabis, as well as using cannabis for chemotherapy system, in terms of what the research says- unfortunately, research is still in its beginning stages. So, we share our personal stories to educate one another, to share information and ideas, as well as keep our community connected and growing. Nicola shared his experience using cannabis for chemotherapy symptoms.

The Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colo-rectal cancer in early November 2019. This also came with a bleak prognosis- one I will not share at this time.

It was a shocker, as I’ve been following a pretty strict (and super healthy) diet and lifestyle for the past decade, and in reality for most of my life.

This was also a very humbling experience, as it showed how much of our lives we simply cannot control, and in the hands of something greater.

The Treatment – Cannabis for Chemotherapy Symptoms

On top of chemotherapy, it looks like the doctors have prescribed many different medications to help with the chemotherapy symptoms. Would you tell us a bit about your experience with those medications? 

It’s like out of a movie; my cabinet is full of medications I cannot pronounce, and all literally have booklets filled with their side effects.

A stage 4 diagnosis typically means it’s incurable and inoperable. So, I made the decision early on that I was going to focus on quality of life, rather than following every last rule (particularly when it comes to my meds). 

I’ve been using Cannabis, in addition to other natural/ Ayurvedic supplements for a long time now, and I knew these would play a bigger role in my life following the diagnosis.

The Routine

It seems that using cannabis has been more effective for your chemotherapy symptoms, what cannabis routine do you use to help with your symptoms? Which Miss Envy products do you use?

This is a bold statement, but I’ve objectively and precisely found that daily CBD plus very high dose THC has literally saved me.

Rick Simpson Oil

  • I’ve also been using 600-750mg THC suppositories every day (from a medical supplier). *I am very optimistic about the future of high dose suppositories. This method bypasses the liver, so there are literally zero psychoactive effects, allowing for the high dose to target and fight cancer. The suppositories are simply coconut oil combined with the THC.

Each morning I wake up with all the nausea, fatigue, and discomfort that come with cancer and chemotherapy. Using cannabis for treating chemotherapy symptoms makes all the difference. 

In the morning use 1 or 2 suppositories, and within about 30 minutes it’s as though the symptoms were just part of a bad dream. A true transformation.

This protocol has completely revolutionized my quality of life. I can train hard, without the debilitating effects of chemotherapy. It’s a true miracle!


We’ve talked with Nicola in the past about his experience with using cannabis as part of his fitness routine. It’s great to see that he’s still able to engage in the fitness activities that he loves. 

How does cannabis help to keep you active during these difficult times? 

As mentioned above, both CBD and THC have allowed me to train, and train hard! I am actually beginning to see training numbers that are better than past years… while I have gosh dang Stage 4 Cancer!

Sharing Our Stories

What keeps you positive during these times? And what has inspired you to share your story so publically? 

Its pretty simple! Once I discovered how cannabis has enabled me to live as I did before cancer, I decided the world needed to know this.

“If this has freed me from the pain, fatigue and discomfort, how could you not wish this for others?”

I’ve now made it my mission to share my story so people with cancer can discover how cannabis can help them, and ideally, they will help spread the news!

I’ve never had this level of motivation or purpose to push myself on the bike.

Forward Thinking

My hope is that medical cannabis research will continue to grow, ideally at a faster rate. Particularly with high dose THC suppositories.

When I share my story with my oncologist and other medical professionals, they are happy, but the conversation ends there. There is still so much skepticism around this miracle plant. Too many people in the medical field are reluctant to discuss it, as it could tarnish their reputation.

All in all, I am hopeful and optimistic about the future of “cann-cer” treatment! 


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