cannabis over alcohol this holiday season

Cannabis Over Alcohol During the Holidays

It’s the time of year where many of us are celebrating the holidays. We are attending work parties, holiday parties, family gatherings and of course, this week is New Year’s Eve. How do many of us celebrate these occasions with a cocktail? or a bottle of champaign? Many holiday celebrations center around alcohol consumption which often leads to numerous problems, one of which being drinking and driving. But what if we choose cannabis over alcohol during the holidays?

It turns out many people are already doing this.

Not only is cannabis less likely to leave you with a horrible hangover the next day it is also significantly less likely you’ll wake up with regrets.

Office Party Fails

I’m sure you’ve heard those horribly hilarious office party stories. The one where you flirt with someone you shouldn’t, or maybe you make a pass at your boss. You tell an embarrassing story, get up and sing karaoke, or fall down or walk into something in front of everyone.

In how many of these instances do you think alcohol was a significant factor? I am willing to bet many, if not all of them.

And just think about all the things that can go wrong at a New Year’s Eve party. Particularly for those single partygoers who are looking for someone to kiss at midnight.

Cannabis Over Alcohol

Can we just all agree that consuming cannabis during these celebrations is likely a better idea for most of us? (In moderation, of course)

So, what’s the best way to choose cannabis over alcohol during the holidays (or anytime)?

Many of us who attend parties find social comfort in having a drink in their hand. Cannabis Mocktails can be a better alternative than the typical soda or juice alternative to alcohol. Many mocktail recipes look more party-appropriate and you bring all the ingredients and assemble it in the same way you would a regular cocktail (check out some cannabis mocktail recipes below).

Another alternative is cannabis snacks. Of course, there are typical treats like weed brownies you can bring to share with friends, but there are also so many other dishes you can bring to share, like artichoke dip. (check out some more recipe suggestions below)

And with Miss Envy’s cannabis-infused coconut oils you can make your treats with CBD only. CBD will not get you high and it can help calm nerves and anxiety.

It is important to use responsibly and remember that with edibles and drinkable cannabis takes longer to feel effects than alcohol. Do not increase dose until approximately 45minutes to an hour has passed. And if you’d like to have more than one or two consider starting with a smaller dose.

Cannabis mocktail recipe suggestions:

Pot Toddy, White Christmas Mojito, Cannabis-Infused Punch

Sangria, Cucumber mint limeade, Strawberry mango mojito

With Miss Envy’s tinctures, it can be easy to turn almost any mocktail into the cannabis cocktail of your choice.

Cannabis, particularly CBD infused, snacks can also be a great choice for your holiday party:

Ginger Snap Cookies
Snowball Cookies
Matcha Balls
Energy Bites
Blueberry Lemon Bites
Oatmeal Cookies
Coffee Cake

Cannabis Gummies and of course your traditional Weed Brownies.

They aren’t all just treats, with Miss Envy infused edibles you can make almost into a tasty cannabis edible treat:

Spring Rolls
Artichoke Dip
Caprese Salad

Check out our blog every week for our growing book of cannabis recipes. Have a favourite cannabis recipe you want to share? Send us a message on our website or social media and we will give it a try!

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