Canada Day is next weekend! Are you headed down to the fireworks? Or celebrating at home on the patio? These festive cannabis infused popsicles are the perfect addition to your celebration no matter what you decide to do. Just make sure to keep them away from children.

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Raspberry Yoghurt Cannabis Popsicles


Makes about 12 popsicles

850 g vanilla flavoured Greek yoghurt
1 kg fresh raspberries
200 g granulated sugar (adjust to your own taste)
3 tablespoons lemon juice
Miss Envy Coconut oil (THC or CBD)
Dosage: for 10mg CBD for each popsicle use 62ml coconut oil; for 10mg THC for each popsicle use 42ml coconut oil

cannabis and fruit


  1. Prepare raspberries by heating them together with sugar and lemon juice in a non-stick pot over medium heat
  2. Mix in Miss Envy Coconut oil
  3. Turn heat down to low when liquid starts to bubble
  4. Gently mesh raspberries with a wooden spoon, cook until thickened
  5. Strain seeds, let cool
  6. To make popsicles, layer yoghurt and raspberry sauce alternately in small paper cups or popsicle molds, freezing in between layers (You can also swirl them together to make a marble effect).
  7. Freeze completely, and enjoy!

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Note: All dosages are approximations so if you are making the THC version we recommend being cautious and starting small and working your way up until you find the perfect dose. And reminder to keep cannabis infused products, like these cannabis popsicles, that may be appealing to children out of reach from children underage. Also always label your cannabis edibles appropriately.

Miss Envy - CBD Canada

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