Cannabis Tolerance Breaks

Cannabis Tolerance Break – Does it help?

Those who regularly consume cannabis can develop a tolerance to its effects. Drug tolerance is where there is a reduced reaction to the same dose after repeated use. This may mean that the medication no longer works as effectively as it did previously. Sometimes this may lead to folks increasing their dose in order to achieve the desired effects. While this can be effective, it can also accelerate a person’s tolerance and further diminish its effects. So, a number of people choose to take a cannabis tolerance break. 

Research shows that continued use of cannabis, particularly THC, can downregulate the CB1 receptors but that they can recover over time. This is why taking a cannabis break can be effective. 

What is a tolerance break?

A tolerance break is a short-term break from cannabis use, particularly THC, to clear one’s body of cannabinoids in order to allow the cannabinoids to recover. 

How a person approaches a cannabis break, and for how long will vary depending on their personal needs as well as their regular use. Some consumers may take a full break from cannabis consumption, while others may simply significantly reduce their use, or change the way they are consuming cannabis. 

How long should you take a break for?

At the moment, there is no research to confirm how long of a break is necessary to allow the CB1 receptors to recover and numerous factors may be involved in determining this recovery period. Some say a few days is sufficient to feel a significant increase in the impacts of cannabis when they return from their break while others recommend taking a break that lasts one to two weeks. Though if you are looking to flush your body completely of all cannabinoids it’s recommended to abstain for 30 days or more. 

How often should I take a break?

Some cannabis-centric physicians recommend a 48-hour break from cannabis every 30 days for regular users.

Will I experience withdrawal symptoms?

Regular cannabis users may experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit using cannabis cold turkey. These symptoms are similar to nicotine withdrawal, and include irritability, decreased appetite, depressed mood, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Although one study suggested that approximately one-third of people experienced some of these withdrawal symptoms they were considered to be fairly mild. 

Tips for A Successful Cannabis Break

If you’re thinking of taking a break from cannabis you may be feeling like it’s a daunting task, particularly if you’ve been consuming cannabis for years. You might even feel that it’s impossible. It’s not impossible, but know that your feelings are normal and it is going to be a challenge. 

The best way to be successful in taking a break from cannabis is to make a plan and stick to it. Determine if you’re going to take a full break from cannabis and for how long. If you aren’t going to take a full break, strictly define what your reduced cannabis consumption is going to look like and which products you are going to limit yourself to. 

Tell your friends that you’re taking a break so they can help to keep you accountable and don’t tempt you. 

Ensure that any products you are not going to use are either consumed prior to taking a break or are completely out of sight to reduce temptation. 

Find something to do with your time, such as a new hobby or something you haven’t made time for lately. Learn a new skill, start that exercise routine you keep putting off, or start a creative project. 


What if taking a cannabis break isn’t feasible? 

For those taking cannabis for medical reasons, taking a cannabis break may not be feasible. Or maybe you’re simply looking to reduce your cannabis use or change up your regular routine to help with your tolerance. So here are some other things you can do to help manage your tolerance other than completely abstaining from cannabis.

Use CBD in combination with THC. 

Since CBD binds to different receptors there are added benefits of using CBD and THC together. CBD provides numerous benefits alone, such as managing pain and inflammation. And it does seem as though tolerance to CBD develops in the same manner. 

Consider trying one of Missy Envy’s tinctures such as 3:1 CBD/THC or 1:1 CBD/THC. 

Use CBD Only

If you’re new to cannabis and worried about developing a tolerance consider using CBD only. CBD on its own may be enough to manage symptoms such as pain, reduce inflammation, manage nausea, regulate sleep, etc. 

Try a CBD-only tincture or CBD capsules.

If after trying CBD alone you’re not seeing enough results to manage your symptoms slowly add in small amounts of THC to boost its effects. 

Control Your Dose

The less cannabis that you use the less likely you are to develop a tolerance. So, if you’re using cannabis regularly for medical reasons, consider using the smallest dose necessary to manage your symptoms. 

Use Less Frequently

If you’re unable to take a full cannabis break, consider ways you can limit your usage. This could mean only consuming cannabis every other day, only on the weekends, or not consuming cannabis until the afternoon. Find out something that works for you. 

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Final Thoughts

It’s normal to develop a tolerance to cannabis when using it often. If you know you’re going to be using cannabis regularly it may make sense to think about ways to prevent tolerance from developing, if that’s possible, or maybe a plan on taking a tolerance break.

While taking regularly scheduled breaks from cannabis may not be fun it can help to ensure that it remains effective and doesn’t break the bank. 

Have you taken a tolerance break from cannabis before? How did it go for you? We want to hear about your experience. Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media @miss.envybotanicals

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