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Cannabis and Skin Care for Summer

Summer is approaching quickly. As the sun beings to shine, the days get longer, and the temperature rises we spend more time outside. As a result of spending time at the beach or pool, hiking or camping in the wilderness we are subject to the elements. Sunburns and bug bites are some of the downsides of summer adventures. Cannabis topicals provide relief for sunburns and can help to maintain healthy skin throughout the summer months. 

Cannabis for Sunburns

In recent years, a number of people have started to use cannabis topicals to treat sunburns as an alternative to aloe vera. 

What is a sunburn? 

A sunburn is our body’s response to UV rays from the sun that results in damage to our skin. As the UV rays begin to damage our skin the blood vessels dilate to increase blood flood to bring immune cells to the skin in an attempt to repair the damage. This is what leads to the redness, inflammation and pain associated with a sunburn. 

Cannabis topical for sunburns

There aren’t studies focused directly on the impact of cannabis topicals on sunburns. Though research provides evidence for other uses of cannabis that impact the skin irritation associated with sunburns. For example; cannabis is effective in treating inflammation, pain and itchy skin. There is also evidence that cannabis has antibacterial properties that can help prevent sunburns from getting infected. 

Long term exposure to the sun can also lead to other skin damage, including premature ageing which results in wrinkles and dry, rough skin. Cannabis has antioxidant properties which not only helps repair damage to the skin, like in the case of sunburns, but it can help to prevent damage as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This suggests that ongoing use of cannabis, and cannabis topicals, can have positive long term effects on the skin. 

Cannabis for Bug Bites

Again there is no scientific evidence for the use of cannabis for bug bites but if you’re camping or out for a hike you may be more likely to have you Miss Envy Buddha bar with you for sore muscles, skin irritation and sunburn management than you are to have specific bug bite cream. The pain and itchiness associated with bug bites are a result of inflammation so the solutions mentioned above can also be applied to bug bites. 

How to Use Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are any products applied to the skin directly to the site of pain or discomfort. Research has found that cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body – including in our skin which supports the use of topicals applications. 

Cannabis topicals are easy to use as they’re typically in a bar, cream, or salve and applied to the skin in the same manner as a typical moisturizing lotion. The only problem with cannabis topicals is that it’s hard to determine the dose of the product you’re applying. There is no easy way to determine the exact amount of product per use.

There is also no accepted effective dose for cannabis topicals as the research is still preliminary. Though, researchers haven’t seen any adverse effects of cannabis topicals at high doses. If further irritation does occur it’s a result of other ingredients in the topical product, not the cannabis. So, it’s important to use products with quality ingredients.

Final Thoughts

We want to know how you’re using cannabis topicals for skincare! Let us know in the comments. Have you used cannabis topicals for sunburns? What was your experience?

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