Miss Envy is back with another update to one of our classic culinary solutions!

Now with 25% more product, our 125ML SOLVENT-FREE OLIVE Oil just got a bit sweeter, with added safety. Relax a weary mind while getting ready for a regulatory framework, with child and animal resistant packaging coming soon to our culinary infusions. Over the next month, you will begin to notice the updated lids and volume in your orders for Miss Envy Botanicals’ solvent-free Olive Oil.

Push and twist to start feeling solvent-free relief, with every mix or bite, with added piece of mind with leak-proof, life-resistant cannabis solutions. Are you excited to see what new innovations are cooking at Miss Envy? Why stop there – let us know what solvent free solutions you’re creating, at home!

Find Miss Envy Olive Oil Online here

Olive Oil Recipe Feature: Medicated Marinara

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