Cannabis Recipes posted each week, on Monday’s, using Miss Envy’s cannabis infused edible products. THC Olive oil. THC & CBD coconut oil. Customers are encouraged to submit their recipes to get featured on the website.

Dosing Homemade Cannabis Edibles

Dosing Homemade Cannabis Edibles

Dosing homemade cannabis edibles can be incredibly challenging. Miss Envy has made dosing homemade cannabis edibles easier by providing you with easy to use cannabis-infused products. But let's talk about dosing anyway so we can learn a little…
Chocolate Banana Protein Bars

Cooking with Envy: Chocolate Banana Protein Bars

Chocolate Banana Protein Bars Who doesn't love a protein bar that is healthy but so tasty that it is almost like dessert? Thanks to Jordan at BrucesRoots for this amazing recipe. These Chocolate Banana Protein Bars are perfect for any time…
cannabis vegan risotto

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Vegan Risotto with Mushrooms

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, not blow our budget on fancy dinners and gifts. Why not make dinner at home this year? Making dinner at home gives you the flexibility to prepare the meal exactly how you like it (and by that…
Valentines Day cannabis cookies

Cooking with Envy: Valentines Day Cannabis Cookies

Try out these easy heart-shaped Valentine's Day Cannabis Cookies. The trick is they're dipped in cannabis chocolate so you can easily customize them to your taste and desired dose. Consider splitting up the batch and trying each of the flavours…
seared pork chops for date night

Cooking with Envy: Seared Pork Chops for Date Night

Valentine's Day is just over a week away! Rather than planning a fancy night out where restaurants crowded why not plan to make a nice dinner at home? Your loved one is sure to appreciate the gesture much more and it doesn't have to be all that…
cannabis chocolate pancakes

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Chocolate Pancakes

Who doesn't love cannabis chocolate pancakes? Just add some Miss Envy cannabis chocolate to your pancakes for the perfect start to the day. Or roll them up into Chocolate Pancake Rolls for a great dessert option. Our new chocolate bars combine…
Miss Envy Cannabis chocolate

Introducing Miss Envy Cannabis Chocolate

Miss Envy Botanicals is excited to announce the release of our new line of chocolate bars! The new bar combines the antioxidants of raw cocoa with the properties of THC and CBD to offer a sinfully delicious treat you can feel good about. Always organic and made with love in small batches. Check out the edible section of our shop for these delicious Miss Envy Cannabis Chocolates.
Mexican Pasta with Avocado

Cooking with Envy: Mexican Pasta with Avocado & Cannabis

Mexican Pasta with Avocado & Cannabis When our lives get busy it's easy for cooking to become something that we don't prioritize and instead go for the easy solution, like basic pasta with store-bought sauce. But making homemade pasta…
Cannabis Veggie Pizza

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Veggie Pizza

Is pizza one of your favourite comfort foods just like ours? Thankfully pizza doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure that throws us off from our fitness goals. Although there's definitely nothing wrong with treating ourselves and indulging…
homemade pizza sauce

Cooking with Envy: Homemade Pizza Sauce

We have already decided that pizza is to-go comfort food for many of us. But we can make this less of a guilty pleasure by making pizzas at home. Making pizza at home is healthier than ordering in and it's not hard to make. One of the best ways…
Cannabis salad dressing

Cooking with Envy: The Best Cannabis Salad Dressings

January is a month to focus on health and wellness. Many of us try to set our intentions for the year and get back on track with our healthy eating habits and exercise routine. But, getting back into the swing of healthy eating isn't easy…
cannabis curry lentil soup

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Curry Lentil Soup

Soups are a to-go comfort food when the weather isn't great and they can be healthy and hearty too. Cannabis curry lentil soup is a perfect soup recipe no matter who you are serving as it is naturally vegan, filling and packed with flavour.…