Cannabis Recipes posted each week, on Monday’s, using Miss Envy’s cannabis infused edible products. THC Olive oil. THC & CBD coconut oil. Customers are encouraged to submit their recipes to get featured on the website.

Cannabis Infused Pumpkin Seeds

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis-Infused Pumpkin Seeds

It is officially October and time to get together that list of medicated fall recipes. Cannabis-infused pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack to make this fall. Not only are they super easy to make but they're incredibly versatile. You can spice…

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake

Fall is finally here and pumpkin spice is on all of our minds, whether you love it or hate it. At Envy we love it. Cannabis Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake is the best dessert recipe going into fall. This coffee cake pairs amazingly well with your…
Cannabis Recipes for Thanksgiving

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Recipes for Thanksgiving

As we promised here are some amazing cannabis recipes for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a great time to share a meal with family and friends, particularly when you have the opportunity to cook together. We already have an amazing recipe for…
Cannabis energy bites

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Energy Bites

Cannabis Energy Bites (Oatmeal) We have survived the first week of school! We typically start off September with the best of intentions; to eat healthily, particularly eating breakfast, to sleep enough, to stay organized, etc. But whether we're…
cannabis infused garlic mashed potatoes

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis infused Garlic Mashed Potatoes

As the weather starts to cool down we start to think about Fall and all of our amazing comfort food recipes. Now is the time to start thinking about all the ways we can make these recipes even cozier by infusing them with cannabis. So, let's…
cannabis infused spring rolls

Cooking with Envy: Philippine Style Cannabis Infused Spring Rolls

Philippine Style Spring Rolls I would have never thought to make cannabis-infused spring rolls or any spring rolls to be completely honest. But these Philippine style spring rolls (called Lumpiang Shanghai in the Philippine native tongue)…

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Breakfast Recipes

Many of us start our mornings with a little wake and bake. For energy, for pain, for a whole number of reasons. Why not bring the canna into the kitchen with these amazing and easy to make cannabis breakfast recipes. Cannabis Avocado Toast, Cannabis Oatmeal and CannaPancakes.

Edibles dosage Guide & Cooking Measurements

Miss Envy's edibles dosage guide for making your own cannabis edibles at home so much easier. We have done the math for you.
cannabis tomato soup

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Tomato Soup

With fall just around the corner and the weather starting to cool down, it's time to start thinking about some comfort food recipes. Homemade soup is one of the best comfort foods for Fall and Winter. Try this cannabis tomato soup recipe, it's sure to make you feel warm and cozy on those days you don't want to go outside.
cannabis oatmeal cookies

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies - No Bake

Who doesn't love oatmeal cookies? But the ones that grandma used to make are finicky and they were always just a little too sweet for my taste as I got older. Try these amazing cannabis  oatmeal cookies made with peanut butter that are not…
Cannabis Mac and Cheese

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis 'Baked' Mac and Cheese

Cannabis Mac and Cheese is a favourite comfort food dish and it's easy to make. I'm serious, you don't have to make it out of a box (though if you want to make it from a box just replace the butter you would normally use with Miss Envy's coconut…

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Gummies for Pride

Cannabis gummies are a favourite in the cannabis community. They're easy to bring with you, they're fun, they're simple to dose and...did you know they're fairly easy to make at home? With Miss Envy's coconut oil you can make a batch of your own weed gummies in fifteen minutes (plus setting time).