Cannabis Recipes posted each week, on Monday’s, using Miss Envy’s cannabis infused edible products. THC Olive oil. THC & CBD coconut oil. Customers are encouraged to submit their recipes to get featured on the website.

cannabis popsicles

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Popsicles for Canada Day

Canada Day is next weekend! Are you headed down to the fireworks? Or celebrating at home on the patio? These festive cannabis-infused popsicles are the perfect addition to your celebration no matter what you decide to do. Just make sure to keep them away from children.

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis and Steak for Father's Day

This weekend is Father’s Day, have you thought about what you’re doing for your Dad? Most Dad’s are notoriously difficult to buy for, so why not make something nice for him instead? No I am not talking about the arts and crafts you used…

Cooking with Envy: CBD Bullet Proof Coffee

I’m sure you’ve heard of bullet proof coffee! There are numerous reasons why people are choosing to start their day with this amazing beverage. Bonus, it's incredibly simple, just add MCT oil to your favourite morning brew. The main…

Cooking with Envy: Blueberry Lemon Cannabis Bites

At the end of a long weekend need a little pick me up? At the end of a busy long weekend I want to relax at home and need my edibles to be easy to make. And when it’s this warm in the city I do not want to turn my oven on. These amazing Blueberry…

Cooking With Envy: THC Salad and THC Salad Dressing

As the weather starts to get warmer we aren’t going to want to turn the oven on and bake those traditional weed edibles. Thankfully Envy has many alternatives with their easy to use edible products that are perfect with almost any meal. And…
cannabis pasta

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Shrimp Pasta

Who doesn’t love a good homemade pasta? It's easy to pre-make a batch of sauce; then just boil up your favourite noodles and add some meat (if you’re feeling it) and you’re done. Love those easy prep meals during the week, but need something…
cannabis protein bites

Cooking with Envy: Cannabis Protein Bites (Matcha & CBD)

Do you like cannabis edibles but want something that will help your body without getting you high? These Cannabis Protein bites made with CBD just might be the solution for you. And with Envy’s culinary products you can get creative with CBD…
Weed Brownies

Cooking with Envy: THC/ Weed Brownies

Welcome to Cooking with Envy! Where we will be posting new recipes each week with our amazing culinary products. Of course we have to start with a classic- Weed brownies. Who doesn't love a good weed brownie? But with Envy you have more control…

Cooking With Infused Oils: Cannabis Edibles

Ready for a culinary experience that will leave your senses soaring high?