THC Lubricant - How does it work

THC Lubricant - How does it work?

Cannabis and Sex When looking into cannabis and sex, most of what you’re going to find is focused on the experience of intimacy while high and how cannabis can affect a person’s sex drive. While this provides some valuable insight into…
things to do while high and in quarantine

Things To Do While High And In Quarantine 

For many of us, the boredom and loneliness have kicked in as we reach the point where we’ve been socially isolated for several weeks. These feelings of boredom often lead to activities such as mindlessly scrolling through social media…
How to Make a Bandana Face Mask

How To Make a Bandana Face Mask for COVID19

Right now the CDC is recommending people wear a face covering when leaving their homes, but it's important to not take away personal protective equipment from those who need it the most. So, here are instructions on how to make a bandana…
microdosing psilocybin

Microdosing Psilocybin

Microdosing Psilocybin- Everything you need to know Miss Envy has added a something new to our existing line of wellness products, Scooby Snacks, psilocybin wellness caps! They're made with the intention of microdosing (250 mg psilocybin…
Beginners Guide to Cannabis Edibles

A Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Edibles:

A Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Edibles I'm sure most of us have seen the situation where someone eats an entire weed brownie and gets way higher than they anticipated. Are you new to cannabis edibles? Worried this might happen to you? Don't…
How to Not Kill Your Partner During Isolation

How to Not Kill Your Partner During Isolation

You're probably not used to spending this much time with your partner. Here are Jen's tips on how to not kill them during social isolation.
Scooby snacks Psilocybin wellness caps

Psilocybin Wellness Caps: Introducing Miss Envy's Scooby Snacks

Psilocybin Wellness Caps: Introducing Miss Envy's Scooby Snacks Miss Envy Botanicals is excited to announce the launch of our new product Scooby Snacks! Who doesn't love the idea of Scooby Snacks? These are 250mg Psilocybin Wellness Caps…
Staying Sane in Isolation

Staying Sane in Isolation

Right now we need to focus on staying sane during isolation and take some time to refocus on self-care and meeting our own needs.
Working out at home during isolation

At Home Workouts During Isolation

The gyms are closed, many fitness classes are cancelled (though some are available online) so it can be easy to just sit on your couch with Netflix and a joint. But exercise is important for both our physical and mental health. But let's…
Managing Anxiety

Managing Anxiety in Strange Times

Anxiety is high as we are dealing with the realities of social isolation, so here are some tips for managing anxiety during these strange times.
Coronavirus quarantine

Coronavirus Quarantine: How to manage social isolation

The Canadian government, and governments around the world, are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and are recommending that everyone, regardless of symptoms, engage in social distancing behaviours. So, let's talk about coronavirus quarantine,…
Cannabis and Coronavirus

Cannabis and Coronavirus: What you need to know

Cannabis and Coronavirus: What you need to know As the situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold many people are worried about their personal safety. It's important to stay informed without allowing your concern to…