Cannabis and Drag

Cannabis and Drag with Tommi Darlene

Cannabis use is deeply rooted in the LGBTQ+ community with community members being at the forefront of cannabis legalization. This is a history that cannabis community members cannot forget. Here we have chatted with Tommi Darlene about cannabis…
Cannabis and professional sports

Cannabis and Professional Sports: Are the attitudes changing?

Cannabis and Professional Sports Cannabis was legalized in Canada in Oct 2018 for recreational use in Canada, so that means everyone who is the age of majority is able to consume cannabis right? Not exactly. Athletes subject to the Canadian…
Cannabis and bees

Cannabis and Bees: Can cannabis contribute to restoring bee populations?

Cannabis and Bees: Can cannabis contribute to restoring bee populations? When we think about bees many of us are worried about the declining bee population. Bee’s are an important part of the plant pollination process and therefore to the…
Miss Envy Cannabis chocolate

Introducing Miss Envy Cannabis Chocolate

Miss Envy Botanicals is excited to announce the release of our new line of chocolate bars! The new bar combines the antioxidants of raw cocoa with the properties of THC and CBD to offer a sinfully delicious treat you can feel good about. Always organic and made with love in small batches. Check out the edible section of our shop for these delicious Miss Envy Cannabis Chocolates.
Cannabis and post workout recovery. Women lifting weights

Cannabis and Fitness: Cannabis for post workout recovery

Cannabis is quickly outrunning the stereotypes of stoner culture and has become part of our regular health & wellness routine. Cannabis has even started to take over in the fitness community. More athletes are using cannabis for post-workout…
Cannabis and fitness

Cannabis and Fitness: Benefits of Cannabis as a pre-workout

It’s a new year and fitness goals are in many of our minds, but too many people still think cannabis and fitness don’t go together. Cannabis gets a bad reputation for making people sink into the couch to binge-watching their favourite…
Set Better Goals

Set Better Goals and Increase Chances of Success

It's the new year and the start of a new decade. Let's not get caught up in the new year, new me stuff; that rarely leads to change and honestly you're great just the way you are. That being said, the new year is the perfect time to set goals…
cannabis over alcohol this holiday season

Cannabis Over Alcohol During the Holidays

Cannabis Over Alcohol During the Holidays It's the time of year where many of us are celebrating the holidays. We are attending work parties, holiday parties, family gatherings and of course, this week is New Year's Eve. How do many of us…
Managing Stress over the holidays

Managing Stress Over the Holidays

Is it really all "happy holidays" this time of year? For some, yes! Lots of people enjoy the holiday season, they love the music, the baking, holiday parties, and the gifting giving. But some of us have a harder time this time of year for…
Sleep Hygiene

How To Get Better Sleep with Sleep Hygiene

After a long and restful sleep, we wake up feeling energized. Our mood is positive, we’re focused and attentive, and we’re generally more resilient against day-to-day stressors. But when we are lacking in sleep, we’re more likely to…

Cannabis and the Queer Community: Pride Follow up

Commercial Drag had an epic pride with three incredible shows this pride season. The cannabis and the queer communities are intertwined and Miss Envy was a proud sponsor of Commercial Drag this Pride season. Here we are going to talk about how amazing these events were. As well as provide information about Commercial Drag so you can make it out to a show if you missed these ones.
Cannabis and Pride

Cannabis and Pride: Commercial Drag Sponsorship

Vancouver Pride is coming up and it is important for inclusion to be in the minds of members of the cannabis community. These two communities have a long connected history. Since LGBTQ activists, like Denis Peron, were at the forefront of cannabis legalization due to its significant impact on those suffering from AIDS. So Cannabis and Pride will always be connected.