cannabis and borderline personality disorder

Cannabis and Borderline Personality Disorder

There is a complicated relationship between borderline personality disorder and cannabis. But Grey explains how they use cannabis effectively to manage their symptoms.
Women in Cannabis

Female Influencers in the Cannabis Industry

It's challenging to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, we talked to cannabis influencer 420 Diva about her experience as well as her passion for cannabis as a consumer as well as a grower.
cannabis for complex mental health

Cannabis for Complex Mental Health Conditions

Cannabis for Complex Mental Health Conditions When it comes to mental health concerns in Canada most of us have likely heard the statistic that 1 in 5 Canadians experience some sort of mental illness each year. But did you know that approximately…
treating epilepsy with CBD

Treating Epilepsy with CBD: A Personal Story

Treating Epilepsy with CBD - Kacia's Experience with epilepsy Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizures. When we think about seizures we typically think about them in one specific way. We think of a person losing consciousness…

CBD for Treating Epilepsy: A Personal Story

CBD for Treating Epilepsy - A Personal Story Cannabis has shown to be an effective way to reduce epileptic seizures and other symptoms of epilepsy. As a result of rigorous research, in June 2018, CBD, as synthetic Epidiolex, was approved…
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Dermatographia and CBD Skincare

Dermatographia and CBD Skincare “Okay, so we need milk, eggs… Can you pass me a pen and paper so I can write this down?”  “Oh, no need, just write it on my skin!” I blurt out, often followed up with a reaction along the lines…
Cannabis for Chemotherapy

Cannabis for Chemotherapy Symptoms: A Personal Story

Cannabis and Cancer: Cannabis for chemotherapy symptoms a personal story One of our Miss Envy ambassadors Nicola Witzke was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been sharing his experience with cannabis use and cancer on his Instagram. We've…

Managing Social Isolation with Cannabis

Managing Social Isolation: How Cannabis Can Help Most of us have been engaging in social isolation, or at the very least social distancing, for over a month now. Humans are social creatures and rely on social interactions to stay mentally…
CBD for scoliosis
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CBD for Scoliosis: Oakley's Big Adventure

CBD for Scoliosis: Oakley's Big Adventure Did you know CBD is an effective treatment for many of the same ailments in our pets as they are for us? At Miss Envy we prioritize the health and wellness of our pets as much as we do ourselves so…
CBD Cat Treats

CBD Cat Treats: Introducing Miss Envy's Kitty Bittys

CBD Cat Treats: Introducing Miss Envy's Kitty Bittys. We love our pets and so do you. CBD can be an effective treatment for similar conditions in our pets as it does for us. This includes; seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, symptoms of cancer, gastrointestinal issues, etc. For a long time, Miss Envy has had these amazing CBD treats, Bully Bits, that are specially formulated for dogs, as well as a CBD tincture for pets. But now, Miss Envy is introducing CBD cat treats called Kitty Bittys for our special furry felines.
medicating with cannabis

Benefits of Medical Marijuana: Testimonial with Aubrey

People have been using cannabis to medicate a number of physical and mental health issues for centuries. As more and more places legalize cannabis, the number of clinical research studies conducted on this plant grows exponentially. Subsequently so is the list of ailments that cannabis can be effective in treating; the number of benefits of cannabis as a treatment method is unravelling. The research is finally starting to catch up with what we knew all along.

Building Your Wellness Routine: Liv's Story

Do you engage in yoga, meditation or other mindful movement practices? Have you ever considered combining cannabis and yoga? In our last post I spoke with Liv, from Cannabis Centric, about how she became involved with cannabis and yoga as…