CBD for scoliosis

CBD for Scoliosis: Oakley’s Big Adventure

Did you know CBD is an effective treatment for many of the same ailments in our pets as they are for us? At Miss Envy we prioritize the health and wellness of our pets as much as we do ourselves so we only give them the best. You can’t but fall in love when you see Oakley (@Oakleys_Big_adventure) you can’t help but fall in love with this beautiful and happy French Bulldog. Seeing Oakley’s journey on Instagram is absolutely inspiring, so much so that we had to speak with his parent and hear more about his story. So, let’s talk about using CBD for scoliosis, Oakely’s big adventure, and how CBD can be effective for our pets.

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your experience with Oakley (do follow them on Instagram you won’t regret it).

How did Oakley become part of your family?

We first met Oakley through Instagram where his story grabbed our attention and hearts. He was born paralyzed with severe scoliosis and was living at a rescue for dogs with similar challenges. He got around in a doggie wheelchair that supported his back legs. We reached out and offered to help with his rehab by fostering him, as we lived closer to the rehab facility.

After the foster time was coming to an end we knew he wanted to stay with us and the feeling was more than mutual. He’d already made some progress with building his strength and had acclimated quickly with our other pets: Cora an Italian Mastiff and two cats Chino and Kersey (named after Charles Bronson characters, obviously)

CBD for Scoliosis:

How did you feel about Oakley’s condition when he first became part of your family? How did he feel about it?

Scoliosis was something we really didn’t know anything about and are still no experts on. We knew he needed a loving, supportive environment, which we felt we could provide.

The first meeting between him and Cora was very important, as were the following few days. At first, Cora was unsure about him (and his wheels) but they settled into a nice groove after the first day or two. Cora’s maternal instincts kicked as well, although Oakley wasn’t a puppy, she wanted to make sure he was taken care of. Teaching her how to play with him without being too rough was actually very easy. This was important when you have a 125 lb dog and an 18 lb dog with scoliosis interacting together!

CBD for dogs

Oakley and Cora

What motivated you to start using CBD for Oakley?

Because of Oakley’s challenges, CBD seemed like a no-brainer. We had it in the house for Cora and had already seen great returns. Mastiffs can experience hip-dysplasia later in life we wanted to get ahead of that and provide her with anything that could help with her joints. With Cora, CBD has helped with her anxiety in high-stress situations and just made her an overall healthier dog from her attitude to her coat. With Oakley, as he was building his strength through rehab and ‘rough’ housing with his big sis, the CBD seemed to help as he was regenerating feeling in his nerves in his back legs and building the synapse between his brain and the back parts of his spine and his legs!

How has Oakley’s condition has changed since starting to us CBD?

When Oakley first joined the fam he could get around one of two ways: with his wheels or dragging his butt with his front legs. He couldn’t stand on his own, get up to four legs, much less walk on his own. The progress he’s made with CBD and rehab has been remarkable. He’s able to walk on his own, albeit it will never be a normal gait, and get around and run and do almost everything a dog does, other than hopping onto the couch on his own (hey you never know, maybe one day!). 

What type of treatment/products do you use for Oakley? 

Oakley recently graduated from his rehab program with medical professionals. Oakley isn’t on any other medications nor has he been, he uses CBD once every two days. He prefers the treats to the oil, whereas Cora LOVES the oil, it’s like a treat to her in and of itself.

Oakley sporting a collar and leash from Canna9 by Miss Envy

Miss Envy products are a staple of our dogs’ diets. We have nothing but amazing things to say about their products we have been using them with Cora so we knew from the benefits she had Oakley would definitely benefit from them and he definitely has! 

CBD pet treats

All three flavours of Bully Bits

Miss Envy’s Bully Bits (& Kitty Bitty) treats and CBD oil are 100% fair trade, organic, gluten, grain, and soy-free. They’re infused with solvent-free CBD. No fillers or artificial flavours. Only the finest of ingredients,
because our furry loved ones deserve nothing but the best!



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