CBD in 1-2-3 : Best CBD for your wellness routine


Cannabidiol is a powerful cannabinoid in the cannabis family – making waves in natural wellness nationwide.

Extensive anecdotal tellings and a body of funded research keep growing to showcase the many practical health and wellness benefits of CBD. Both clinical and scientific studies in countries across Europe, and even as close as the United States, show support for CBD’s potential in treatment on a range of diagnosis including arthritis, sleep disorders, PTSD, and epilepsy.

CBD has demonstrated neurogenic and neuroprotective properties, making it the case of current studies into treatment for various autoimmune and neurological disorders.

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a beneficial compound found in both traditional cannabis and cannabis hemp plant matter. Known more popularized as CBD – it’s one of the most recognized of over 100 cannabinoid compounds found within cannabis.

CBD also holds appeal to both researchers and consumers due to its non-psychotropic, non-impairing nature; with the ability to provide relief from many ailments and symptoms without the “buzz” or additional effects noted by cannabinoids like THC.

CBD can even work to counteract the traditional “stoned” feeling associated with smoking, vaporizing, or ingesting cannabis by reducing the euphoric and psychotropic effects of THC and it’s paired reactions with plant genetics and terpenes.

Best CBD for your Routine

Finding the best CBD for your wellness routine starts at understanding your health needs. There are many ways to take control of your health, naturally, with CBD – from capsules, tinctures, CBD oil, and isolated extractions. Many CBD products, oils, and infusions may have a different effect and release for symptom and ailment consideration. Learn more to make the best choice for your wellness.

1 . Wellness Routine Builder: Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Looking for an easy way to work CBD into your management needs? CBD Capsules are a great way to add your needed daily dose into your medicine cabinet or pre-workout supplement.

Perfect for a slow release of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects, Miss Envy Botanicals vegan friendly CBD capsules are made with decarboxylated hemp – a simple approach to the CBD wellness spectrum, with full strength.

2. Full Spectrum relief in an instant, or in time: Phoenix Tears

Phoenix tears are the origin for modern cannabis oil extraction. Popularized with the Rick Simpson method (RSO) of extraction with Ethanol, most commercially available CBD phoenix tears are now made with a CO2 extraction for potency and clarity – within a full spectrum experience.

CBD Phoenix Tears, Miss Envy

Miss Envy Botanicals CBD Phoenix Tears are extracted from cannabis hemp plant stock – to ensure trusted potency and clarity with a THC free dose. Great for those needing strong, balanced dosing, with the potential for immediate symptom relief – when taken sublingually or those wanting to infuse foods and beverages for a slow release of CBD oil benefits.

3. Taste-free feeling at the drop: CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures can be a great way to experience trusted relief, taste free and dosed to perfection. While some CBD oil tinctures use an ethanol base and extraction – Miss Envy Botanicals offers potent relief, solvent free, for an enjoyable dose of odorless, tasteless CBD wellness – no matter your health needs.

CBD oil tincture, Miss Envy

Miss Envy Botanicals understands that not all oils are created equally in bioavailability which is why Miss Envy’s solvent free CBD oil trusts coconut oil derived MCT oil as it’s carrier. Coconut oil helps to optimize healthy liver function while solvent free CBD distillate get to work on even the most stubborn of symptoms.

Find more of Miss Envy Botanicals CBD solutions

Finding relief in your wellness routine can be easy with trusted CBD solutions from Miss Envy Botanicals. With research growing into many areas of CBD treatment – researchers, physicians, and patients alike are excited about the further proof to be shown of the benefits of CBD.

Miss Envy makes it easy to find the best CBD for your wellness routine, with a full spectrum of selections in store, for your THC-free needs.

Shop more of Miss Envy Botanicals infusions.

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