Cannabis gummies are a favourite in the cannabis community. They’re easy to bring with you, they’re fun, they’re simple to dose and…did you know they’re fairly easy to make at home? With Miss Envy’s coconut oil you can make a batch of your own weed gummies in fifteen minutes (plus setting time). And you have the flexibility to make THC or CBD gummies. I personally like to make at least a batch of each.

With it being Pride in Vancouver this week I made a all the colours of the rainbow! This recipe gives you the flexibility to make cannabis gummies in any flavour that you can buy Jello in (in the next few weeks we will work toward a vegan friendly version of this recipe). Make some this week and bring them with you to the parade to help sooth your anxiety of being in big crowds or sooth those aching muscles after a long night of dancing. Have lots of fun, but don’t forget to hydrate, and wear sun protection.

All of our creations are produced with only the best organic non-GMO ingredients and infused with love. Check out our website each week for new recipes cooked with these amazing products.


This recipe would be repeated 6 times to create the entire rainbow (ROYGBIV)

3oz package of Jello 85g
1/2 oz unflavoured gelatin (3 small pkg)
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup Miss Envy coconut oil (if you use CBD its 125mg and THC is 200mg)

cannabis gummies

INSTRUCTIONS for Cannabis Gummies

  1. On low to medium heat mix the water and coconut oil. Until heated and completely mixed.
  2. Add Gelatin. Whisk until dissolved.
  3. Add Jello. Whisk until dissolved.
  4. Turn heat up to boil. Once it is boiling turn it down slightly and let it simmer for approximately 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. It will likely start to look like it is getting thicker. Note: stay consistent on time for a consistent dose every time.
  5. Pour into mold. Note: it has to be done relatively quickly as it will start to harden
  6. Freeze. Approximately 20 minutes. You can also just place them in the fridge but it will talk longer.
  7. Repeat until you’ve done all the colours. Enjoy! We recommend keeping them in the fridge but it isn’t necessary.

These molds can be challenging to find but you can get them online. There is this super cool variety pack from Amazon that will suit your needs but be aware the the different sizes will be different doses. These are the molds I used, also from Amazon. With this recipe they fill all three of the molds with the tiny bears and because the bears are so tiny the dose is around 1mg per bear. For some users this could be a great thing because then you can actually eat them like candies. When you try this recipe let us know what molds you use and if you make any adjustments to the recipe that work better for you. We want to hear from you!

Note: Using Miss Envy’s coconut oil you can taste a bit of the coconut coming through in these cannabis gummies. To me this is a great plus, but it means the stronger flavoured Jello may be tastier overall. With this recipe the Red, Blue, and Green were my favourite flavours (Purple is also a strong flavour I just personally don’t like grape) and yellow was the least strong flavour.

Before consuming make sure you calculate the dose of each cannabis gummie based on the size of your molds. I have made this recipe using an ice cube tray in a pinch but it makes them a lot bigger and less accurate if you don’t fill each cube fully, so please use responsibly. Always start with a smaller dose and then increase after 45 to 60 minutes.

Miss Envy - CBD Canada

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