We are encouraged to engage in social distancing and stay at home whenever possible. So we may not be able to stock up on supplies for a while- unless it’s considered essential. So, we have compiled a list of easy cannabis recipes for quarantine. We have tried to choose our favourite recipes that have few ingredients and ones that we are likely to have at home already.

Have some baking supplies at home but haven’t had time to make baking a priority? Try your hand at making homemade cannabis edible. You can still order Miss Envy’s edible products online.

Easy Cannabis Recipes for Quarantine

1. Mushroom Risotto

Have canned Mushrooms and rice? Make a simplified version of this healthy and hearty meal.

cannabis vegan risotto

2. The Best Cannabis Salad Dressings

Check out the list of our favourite cannabis-infused salad dressings. There are many variations, they’re easy to make and definitely spice up any salad. Don’t let any of those greens go bad.

Cannabis salad dressing

3. Bone Broth

Not only is bone broth healthy but it’s the perfect way to use up the bones you have from another meal and the rest of the vegetables you have lying around. Bone broth can be consumed on its own or used as stock to make other soups.

Cannabis bone broth

4. Crock Pot Stew

Start off your time in social isolation by making a crockpot stew and keep yourself fed for weeks. Consider making a big batch and freezing some to bring out later. You can even just add some Miss Envy coconut oil to the top of your garlic bread to make a tasty side with your stew, pasta or just about any other meal

Cannabis Crockpot stew

5. Tomato Soup

Try your hand at making homemade tomato soup to pair with your grilled cheese (yes you can definitely just add cannabis-infused coconut oil to your grilled cheese). Or consider just adding your favourite tincture to your storebought canned tomato soup.

cannabis tomato soup

Cannabis for Breakfast

If we don’t have to leave the house anyway why not wake and bake? Try adding cannabis to some of your favourite breakfast foods.

6. Cannabis Chocolate Pancakes

Don’t usually have time to make pancakes? Take advantage of the extra time at home and make yourself a nice breakfast. Or even consider rolling these up and having them for dessert.

cannabis chocolate pancakes

7. Cannabis-infused Oatmeal 

Top your oatmeal with cannabis-infused coconut oil with the rest of your favourite ingredients.

cannabis oatmeal

Cannabis Baking During Quarantine

8. No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Have oatmeal for breakfast and some peanut butter? Make these tasty oatmeal cookies, they don’t even require any baking.

cannabis oatmeal cookies

9. Brownies 

Weed Brownies are absolutely a staple in every cannabis cookbook. Here is our favourite recipe. Don’t normally have chocolate chips at home? Consider Miss Envy’s new line of cannabis-infused chocolates instead (you can order them online). Just make sure to adjust the dose.

Weed Brownies

10. Sugar Cookies 

Sugar cookies are fun and easy to make. Consider trying to make some unique cannabis shapes. Don’t forget to post some photos tag us on social @miss.envybotanicals and tag #CookingWithEnvy

Cannabis Sugar Cookies

Have you made some unique cannabis recipes during quarantine? We want to hear from you. Let us know what creative solutions you’ve come up with for your cannabis edibles. Send us a message or tag us in a post on social using the hashtag #CookingWithEnvy


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