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Miss Envy Botanicals is proud to be working with Vancouver-based educational brand, Flower and Freedom, to bring you The Elevate Experience: a Unique Approach to Cannabis Education. Flower & Freedom is both a lifestyle brand and community dedicated to sharing personal and varied experiences with cannabis, bringing honest and authentic consumer education to those who need it, in the most and in a fun and relevant way. We are so proud to team up with the Flower and Freedom team for an innovative night of collaboration and education.

The Elevate Experience brings an interactive night of information from an array of smokable and infused selections, to highlight a holistic experience from the canna curious to the connoisseur. Uniting experts, LPs, and craft creators, this education-focused night centers around the best ways to infuse cannabis, for your life’s needs – no matter your level of knowledge of experience. On October 12th, alongside Miss Envy, you can experience an array of nature’s experiences from producers and innovators, such as Tilray, Cannalife, and Aurora, while expanding ideas of ways to find relief, or an elevated standard of living, from smokable, edible, and topical options, to the varying effects of compounds such as THC and CBD.

Miss Envy Botanicals will also be presenting with our newest innovative equipment: The Peak Beyond software, an informative desktop system, built specifically for the Cannabis Community’s budding needs in mind. The Peak Beyond provides consumers with the educational benefit of a digital patient consultant with the pleasure of enjoying a self-guided museum tour. The system allows users to place any product from the display inventory onto the tables, follow clickable pathways to learn more through text and video, on the spot. Miss Envy is excited to launch this software as part of our educational experience, with Flower and Freedom, and look forward to medicating, educating, and collaborating with some of the industries top suppliers.

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