Envy Originals

Jessica Anne Rodrigues

Registered Nurse Clinician

Instagram @i.j.ro

My name is Jessica Rodrigues. I have been in healthcare for over a decade.  As rewarding as travel nursing can be, it is physically and mentally demanding. I was happy to discover Miss Envy products, as I swear by cannabis use to my early success as a nursing student. Cannabis and cannabis topicals have served me holistically as an analgesic, an anti-pruritic, an anti-inflammatory, an anti-anxiety, an anti-acne, a sleep aid and even as an under eye cream for those long night duties. Not to mention, the Buddha Buddah and THC bath bombs after a difficult shift are fantastic! Being on the hospital frontline, I truly value a company with organic products that could potentially decrease the usage of opioids. I have nothing but high hopes for Miss Envy and things to come!

Lydia Jenvey

Fitness Instructor

Instagram @lifebylyd

My name is Lydia Jenvey. I am a fitness instructor specialized in bare, pilates, spinning and personal training. I work with people to attain their optimal health & body goals. I coach for lifestyle & healthy living.
As someone who suffers from anxiety & depression, cannabis products have helped me in various ways. Whether it’s been the benefits of CBD in moments when acute anxiety settles in or using topicals for my muscle soreness, I have always taken a more natural and therapeutic approach to my own wellness and believe in the benefits of cannabis products hugely.

Spencer Hamilton

Pro Skateboarder

Instagram @monsantokills

My name is spencer hamilton and I’m 27 years old. I started skateboarding when I was 6 and I’ve been a professional since I was 21. I’ve been fortunate enough to make a career out of my life long passion, and have the pleasure of traveling around the world with various skateboard teams. Despite numerous injuries and a recent diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis, I’m still able to continue as a professional and progress to new levels. Cannabis and the anti-inflammatory properties in CBD have played a large roll in my mobility and recovery, as well as my overall health. The Buddha Buddah, Buddha Bars, and CBD capsules are an everyday essential for me.

Nicholas Witzke

Bicyclist Racer

Instagram @Nicolavoca

A little about my riding & racing:
– 29 years old
– 3rd year of racing Cat. 4 Road Elite Men.
– Team & support: The Musette Caffe squad, Code Sports & Apparel, The Lions Cyclery
– Racing/ riding strengths & preferences: Hills, hills, hills

Cannabis (mainly higher CBD strains) has changed the game for me when it comes to race prep and recovery. Because cycling is obviously very cardio & aerobic focused, my use and consumption are almost entirely via edibles & topical, and Miss Envy is leading the charge in this realm.

Products like the Buddha Bar, CBD capsules, Phoenix tears, the olive and coconut oils counteract my chronically high cortisol and adrenal levels allowing me to sleep, race, recover, and rejuvenate, far better than any other hub or supplement I know of…
And I’ve tried a ton!

Cannabis will become a big part of the athletic performance industry in the near future. I’m honoured and thankful of Miss Envy’s success and leadership in this area!

Stormy Ent


Instagram @stormyent

Stormy started out in the modeling industry as a Freelance model in 2010, & quickly became interested in the world of Fine Art Nude portraiture & performance. After working in the industry for three years, they decided to professionally pursue multiple creative avenues such as photography & videography, writing, painting, marketing, promotion, as well as launching their own online store & collection of creations. Stormy has since attended conventions, worked at expo’s, assisted at stage performances for SuicideGirls, and appeared in television programs such as Supernatural, Minority Report, & Fear the Walking Dead.
Their art & fashion has appeared in local & international exhibits & shows, & has been commissioned by Burlesque performers from around the world including the Suicide Girls Ballroom Blitz in London. Drawing inspiration from the natural world around them, Stormy’s visual style is colorful, quirky and bold.

Tyson Laforest

Personal Trainer

Instagram @liftperformance

As a certified personal trainer and cannabis advocate, Tyson understands the positive effects cannabis and its’ products can have on the body and mind. After overcoming some of his own negative health habits and realizing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, Tyson has been able to help motivate people towards their fitness goals to create healthier and happier lives. A holistic approach to health and wellness led Tyson to discover the many health benefits of incorporating cannabis into his daily life. When used the right way, Tyson believes that cannabis and its’ products can be extremely powerful in enhancing athletic performance, recovery, and overall mental health.

Soren High


Instagram @fragile.bird.bones @hot.mango.undies

Soren High is a yogi, pole dancer, hooper, nature lover and small business owner living on Mount Hood near Portland, Oregon. You may recognize her from such viral videos as “Banks-Brain” and “Boy Funk-Spend The Night” where she was referred to as the “dabbing stripper”. Since then, Soren has been developing her underwear line @Hot.mango.Undies featuring self-designed cannabis and fruit inspired fabrics on organic materials and focusing on her yoga practice and exploring nature. This coming spring, she plans to hike the Oregon portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Soren believes greatly in creating art and supporting artists and small business while choosing to do what you love in life without consequence. Her father always said “she beats to the rhythm of her own drum” and that beat is definitely a little funky. She is an advocate for the understanding of mental and emotional awareness and hosts an Instagram yoga challenge a few times a year focusing on mental health, yoga, cannabis, and self-love called #YogaQweens.


Elite Obstacle Course Racer

Instagram: @jeneral_pants

I am a Registered Practical Nurse and an Elite Obstacle Course Racer. I competed in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in 2016 and 2017 Representing Canada. Qualified and competed in the pro division both years.

Miss Envy CBD Caps have been a game changer for my pre and post-race activity as well as, recovery. They help aid with pain and inflammation. I also found that it helped reduce my recovery time. I used to take over the counter analgesic and or anti-inflammatory with the occasional muscle relaxer. Which are hard and damaging to internal organs. And, I actually took longer to recover with OTC medications.

As someone who suffers from having epilepsy myoclonus, chronic pain, and anxiety. Taking Miss Envys CBD products I don’t have to worry about contradictions with medications because almost all my medications now are cannabis-related products. I have had nothing but good experiences ever since making cannabis part of my treatment plan. It has helped me in ways pharmaceuticals never could and no annoying side effects. My overall health and wellbeing has changed in such a positive way.

I highly recommend Miss Envy’s products to athletes and persons I know who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety.