With Canada approaching nationwide legalization, in what could be under a year, a growing number of Canadians are becoming interested in the many benefits of Cannabis. The nation has always taken a more liberal approach to its acceptance of the plant in its recreational form, and with further research into it’s natural relieving properties continuing to surface, there are many reasons to celebrate for the medical patient and the canna connoisseur alike. Vancouver, in particular, has always been known, globally for its 420-friendly celebrations, and with many budding craft markets starting in the west, and expanding in popularity across the nation, Canada’s Craft Cannabis industry has followed the historic cultural trend of grassroots collective celebration – and it is being recognized in real ways.  

The growing interest in Cannabis creates space for events that celebrate the benefits and the innovations that have sprouted from its cultivation. These events highlight the producers of the products who are committed to quality and access for consumers and have been dedicated to this process for many years. Miss Envy Botanicals recognizes the variety of Cannabis experiences, even within the cannabis plant family, and has always strived to provide solutions for a higher standard of wellness, to fit the day to day needs across Cannabis experiences. With continued efforts to formulate a full spectrum of products that cater to a selection of lifestyle opportunities, Miss Envy is always ready to contribute and collaborate in craft competitions, and showcase creations outside of the retail marketplace.

Competitions such as the High Times Cannabis Cup (which made its first foray into Canada this August, after 30 years of successful cups in the United States), and the Karma Cup in Toronto, have expanded their competition categories to include a much more inclusive Cannabis experience. Now judges have the opportunity to sample more than just flower and concentrates in their usual classifications; they can browse a vast selection of CBD rich extractions, craft edible solutions, as well as an entire category of topical THC or CBD infusions. These additions show a recognition by the community, at large, of the diversity within the Cannabis experience and a need to showcase them in their own light.

As High Times started taking its first steps into Canada, Miss Envy followed in stride, setting out to Raise the Bar of the Canadian Cannabis experience. Entering the handmade, 100% organic topical aid, Buddha Bar was an automatic choice for Miss Envy Botanicals, for the heat of competition and the summer. Taken inspiration from the original topical cream, Buddha Buddah, The solid formulation was rooted by innovation and customer need, to bring the combative relief of nature’s finest infusions in an easy use package. The trust in Buddha, solidified, with its first place win – Making Buddha Bar the first ever winning Canadian recipient of a High Times Cannabis Cup in infused Topicals. Another historic win, for recently popularized Cannabis extractions also came in form of a First-Place collaboration with Vancouver Craft Cannabis connoisseurs, Elevated Extracts, with a small-batch seasonal favorite in the CBD Terp Sauce. The judges favorite came from introducing cannabis-derived, THC free terpenes with a pure isolated CBD extraction for soothing taste and sweet relief, without any impairment.


Floating on cloud 420, the sea of CBD solutions continued to receive accolades and attention. The aforementioned CBD Terp Sauce migrated East for the Toronto-based Karma Cup, early September, just in time to take second place in the CBD concentrate category, marking another award, for the winning collaboration. Another step in the CBD experience had Miss Envy’s original CBD Isolate also being recognized – this time as First Place CBD concentrate winner, bringing back multiple wins from the East for Miss Envy Botanicals. Gaining these awards and accolades is a great showcase for the commitment to wellness Miss Envy as a company upholds, and the integrity and love put into all products.

There is much more in store with Miss Envy Botanicals, continuing to refine a growing line of products to fit the ever-elevating needs of the cannabis consumer. With craft competitions, and other informative infused experiences arising, the conversations and innovations surrounding alternative methods of using THC and CBD use, are just as limitless as the future of Miss Envy, and the Canadian Craft Cannabis community.


To learn more about Miss Envy Botanicals’ award-winning selection of products, you can browse or shop online at www.missenvy.ca/shop

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