In the beginning, there was Buddha Buddah 

A cream that blends all of nature’s finer elements. The cream’s effervescent aroma, provides relief for the mind, body, and soul, while lab tested cannabis oils paired with vegan butters and organic essential oils, offer hydrating pain relief without any psychoactive effects. Buddha Buddah is the namesake of Miss Envy Botanicals – Canada’s #1 best-selling infused topical aid, within the dispensary market.


With an added appreciation for practical user feedback, we reformulated the original infusion last year, to reflect the needs of those who trust in Buddha. Budding in popularity and practicality of the original topical cream, there came a need for a more targeted approach to combat pain where it hurts most. To address that need, the solid partner to Buddha Buddah was created. Buddha Bar comes infused with nature’s refreshing and stimulating essential oils, and an extra strength cannabis infusion, bringing spot on pain management, to keep you going strong. The Buddha line continues to expand and grow, with more of nature’s infusions pairing with industry innovations. Miss Envy Botanicals’ growing line of topical treatments stems from simplicity, to relieve your life’s complexities, inside and out.


But don’t take our word for it. Give what ails you a good rub-down with the Buddha Buddah and see enlightenment for yourself.

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