Ready for a culinary experience that will leave your senses soaring high? Looking for the right way to bring a bit of natures’ blessings into the batch? It’s no mystery that there are many ways to get a custom cannabis edible experience in your kitchen, with the right ingredients and a little THC. Having cannabis-infused oil options as opposed to pre-made goods allows for more versatility in the end result, as well as more options for the health and allergen aware individuals, who may not be able to get access to edibles made for their dietary considerations. But before you go reaching straight for your favorite vinaigrette addition: do you know what makes each of our oils your best bet for culinary success? Then check out the rest of the cannabis recipes section of our blog for some amazing cannabis edibles inspiration.


Olive Oil:

Best use – fo’ drizzle. Olive oil’s high content of heart-wise fats makes it a great choice for all of your fresh dishes! Sprinkle on top of your favorite salad, add it to your rubs or marinades for great absorption, or even blend up a teaspoon in your morning smoothie. Because of it’s lower heating point, infused olive oil is best suited in non-cook or low-heat recipe alternatives, to provide the full holistic benefit.
Dips and sauces make a great olive-infused loophole if you want to find a way to feel the flavor in the pot.


Coconut oil:

Best use – for richness. A lingering touch of flavor with a texture that won’t take away. It’s no wonder that this treat is the best to use with baking. Best used anywhere animal fats like butter can be found. Coconut’s high boiling point and good saturated fat combo have it nearing superfood status, with unfounded kitchen convenience. Its makeup and taste make for a great addition to morning teas and coffees, with a quick power mix offering light dairy-free foam. Coconut solidifies at room temperature – so leave the luscious sauces to the more viscous oils and allow the coconut oil to go nuts on your sense of decadence.


No matter who you are, you have to have a trick or two up your sleeve in the kitchen. Having all of the main ingredients is only the first step. Start with a strong base, and you will be fit with the recipe for success!

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