Medicate, educate and collaborate is not just a catchy phrase, it’s a set of guiding principles. We’ve been on the forefront finding functional ways to keep the treat in treatment and today, we took the time to build on our own education of what our customers deal with. Collaboration comes from listening and then acting on that newly shared knowledge.

We interviewed one of our customers about their experience with Buddha Buddha and how it helps with their chronic pain issues stemming from Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Facet Joint Disease, Leukemia and the auto-immune disorder Sjogren’s Syndrome.


Can you tell me your name, age, and occupation?

My name is Helen, I am 59 and I have been disabled most of my adult life due to all of the chronic health issues I have had, but recently I have been able to do a part time job helping under privileged youth learn life skills at a community center. 


Why have you been able to recently been able to work?

After I finished chemotherapy I started looking into natural ways to help with my chronic pain and have found that medical marijuana and products containing THC and CBD have helped my pain.


Can you tell me how long you have had chronic pain?

30 years, it started when I was living in a city that was full of toxic chemicals, extreme weather and a poor health care system that didn’t believe when women were in pain. I have tried all sorts of ways to help with my pain, yoga, meditation, aqua-fit, extreme weight loss, low carb diet, being vegan, I only felt real relief when using marijuana recreationally but until recently it has been hard to justify doing that to manage my pain.


What are the causes of your pain?

Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Facet Joint Disease and Sjogren’s Syndrome. I also developed Leukemia 4 years ago, but I have been in remission for 2 years.


Can you tell me the types of medications you have used for it?

What haven’t I been on… I have been on every type of Opioid and NSAID there is. I have also had to take many courses of steroids to help with my joint inflammation.


Why did you decide to use medical marijuana to help with your chronic pain?

Since having Leukemia, I grew tired of all of the medications I had to use to manage all of my illnesses and pain. Medicinal marijuana products offer a safe and natural way to relieve pain.


Can you tell me the difference in pain management?

Well, instead of taking handfuls of pills I have been able to apply Buddha Buddha to my joints and Fibromyalgia trigger points and it has relieved the pain enough that I only need to use over the counter pain killers.


Are you using this for just Fibromyalgia pain or are you using it for other types of pain?

I am using it also for my Neuropathy that is in my hands and feet.


Would you have used medical marijuana products for your chronic pain if it was available to sooner?

Absolutely, I believe that if we can find a natural way to relieve pain then that is more helpful than using pharmaceuticals that cause liver damage and addiction issues.


After talking with Helen, we looked at the sheer number of emails and comments we’ve received about how our products make a difference for those seeking medical alternatives and decided do more for them. Miss Envy is always going to put the patient first and today we are launching our Most Valued Patients Program. All MMPR/MMAR patients now get 20% off all our products. All we ask is that you sign-up and provide us with copies of your information, you can use the form below.  What you send us will be completely confidential and only used to welcome you as an MVP.

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