T’was the week of the mixer, and all through the nation
Miss Envy and MOTA prepare for elation!
With a venue so bright, and with glamour galore
It’s time for a mingle that all can adore.

Leave Pelicans at home and your dancing shoes on
Cause live entertainment is shaking ‘till dawn.
There’s DJ’s and dancers, and aerial performers
For a party, divine – to make your winter warmer.

The season brings greetings and greenery alike
With a Gastown Meds sponsor to leave your night bright
It’s brightness of spirits for all who can join
And aside from donations, it won’t cost a coin.

With Jingle Bells ringing and hopes oh so high
The hosts with the most bring a holiday surprise
The raffles and draws that bring everyone glee
Have donations and proceeds that go to those in need
We ask for your help to bring Holiday magic
For those who aren’t with us, who maybe can’t plan it.
For every gift given, no matter the heart
We may give a person a fresh place to start.

December the 9th will bring such delight!
Starting at 8 and ending at midnight.
To rock around trees in beautiful BC
Just send us an email to RSVP

Dress in your best to be sure you impress
So a dazzling venue still can’t beat the guests.

To ensure the evening is nothing but great,
Don’t forget: Educate, Medicate, Collaborate

 – Miss Envy Botanicals and MOTA Green Meds


Miss Envy Botanicals and MOTA Green Meds invite BC’s Craft and Corporate cannabis sector to Jingle and Mingle with us, this Saturday – December 9th 2017 at 8PM PST – for a complimentary event to ring in the season.

For guest list and info, please email mingle.rsvp@gmail.com 

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