Signs You May Need A Cannabis Break

If you’re wondering whether or not you may benefit from a cannabis break, even a small one, here are some signs a taking break might be a good idea. Learn more about what developing a tolerance looks like and how it can impact you in this article

You’re spending too much money on cannabis

Too much is very subjective and a number of regular cannabis users have built their cannabis consumption into their monthly budget. That being said, if you are developing a tolerance to cannabis you may start to increase your dose without noticing. This may suddenly result in extra spending or your budget not going quite as far. 

You’re not feeling the effects

If you have a regular cannabis routine and you’re suddenly not feeling the effects that is a sure sign you’re developing a tolerance.  If this is the case break may be helpful in increasing the impacts of cannabis. 

Cannabis is consuming you

Are you prioritizing cannabis over other responsibilities? Or are you getting so high you’re not able to fulfil your commitments? Maybe end up rewatching your favourite TV show instead. Sometimes cannabis can help us to focus or encourage us to do that thing we’ve been procrastinating but other times it helps us to avoid. If it feels like your cannabis use is taking over it may be time to consider taking a break. 

Ready to take a break from cannabis, even if it’s small, or short? 

Tips for A Successful Cannabis Break

Taking a break from cannabis may feel daunting, particularly if you’ve been consuming cannabis for years. You might even feel that it’s impossible. It’s not impossible, but know that your feelings are normal and it is going to be a challenge. 

The best way to be successful in taking a break from cannabis is to make a plan and stick to it. Determine if you’re going to take a full break from cannabis and for how long. If you aren’t going to take a full break, strictly define what your reduced cannabis consumption is going to look like and which products you are going to limit yourself to. 

Tell your friends that you’re taking a break so they can help to keep you accountable and don’t tempt you. 

Ensure that any products you are not going to use are either consumed prior to taking a break or are completely out of sight to reduce temptation. 

Find something to do with your time, such as a new hobby or something you haven’t made time for lately. Learn a new skill, start that exercise routine you keep putting off, or start a creative project.

Don’t Want to Take a Full Cannabis Break?

Not feeling like you want to, or can’t, take a full cannabis break and completely abstain from cannabis? That’s okay. There are some alternatives.

Use CBD Only

CBD on its own may be enough to manage symptoms such as pain, reduce inflammation, manage nausea, regulate sleep, etc. 

If when using CBD alone you’re not seeing enough results to manage your symptoms slowly add in small amounts of THC to boost its effects. Consider using a tincture that combines the benefits such as Miss Envy’s 3:1 CBD/THC or a 1:1 CBD/THC.  

Control Your Dose

The less cannabis that you use the less likely you are to develop a tolerance. So, if you’re using cannabis regularly for medical reasons, consider using the smallest dose necessary to manage your symptoms. 

Use Less Frequently

If you’re unable to take a full cannabis break, consider ways you can limit your usage. This is going to look different based on your current use and your goals, take the time to consider what is best for you. 

Final Thoughts on Taking a Cannabis Break

There are numerous benefits to taking a break from cannabis. The main benefit is to counteract the negative impacts of cannabis tolerance, but it can also have a significant impact on your budget. Taking regularly scheduled breaks can also prevent tolerance from developing. So, consider building in regular short breaks into your regular routine.

Learn more about taking a cannabis break here, including what to expect from taking a break from cannabis and how long of a break may be recommended.

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