Here at Miss Envy Botanicals, we are always elated to hear how our line of products help to create an elevated standard of living in the lives of our clients.

Recently, we had the pleasure of hearing from one of our home-grown heroines, Saphira, to learn how our Canna Sutra™ Personal Lubricant has helped her regain a higher level of intimacy within her everyday life.

The Canna Sutra lubricant has greatly improved my life. I suffer from High Tone Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, which doesn’t just affect my sex life. It has had a huge impact on daily life in general. I’ve been dealing with it four over a decade. Just over a month ago I purchased the CannaSutra Personal Lubricant out of interest and a bit of desperation, (muscle relaxers wouldn’t even cause me to relax, so penetration was incredibly painful).

I have used [Canna Sutra] both alone and with my partner and things have turned around 180º ! The change is so significant – I can’t believe I had not gotten this sooner. I have felt the change in my body: the tension has lowered, my pelvic pain and lower back pain has subsided, and overall my quality of living day to day has improved ( not to mention my sex life with my partner has improved). It has cured my inability to climax. I’m no longer insecure about dysfunctional pelvic floor, now that I have something that has helped relax it. This is truly a genius creation and I can’t wait to see what else The team creates! Thank you very much!

We always appreciate hearing wonderful words and feedback from our valued clients.
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