Spring is in the air, and almost out of our closets! It’s almost time for the yearly audit of your lifestyle needs to get a fresh perspective of how your natural flower power is working with your health and wellness. Miss Envy has you covered, in your seasonal transition,

Morning Medicine Cabinet Miracles
Looking for an updated solution to your supplement needs? Our popular Miss Envy CBD capsules offer easy to take administration in vegan friendly bio-availability. Capsules offer easy to administer and easy to carry dosages for on the spot and on the go relief for many ailments and concerns. It’s no surprise Miss Envy uses this trusted go-to method for non-psychoactive management of your daily wellness.

Don’t Just Boost – Bulletproof.
Help jumpstart your metabolism, mind, and body by adding Miss Envy’s CBD coconut oil into your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie! Coconut Oil is known to be a natural superfood by using Medium Chain Fats that can promote healthy liver and thyroid function, while boosting the metabolism and burning fat to provide a natural energy source to pair with your caffeinated boost. Using CBD in conjunction with coconut oil allows for easy carrying of the naturally therapeutic properties of the compound, in an easy to absorb format.

Do it for the Drizzle
Add a kick to your weekend dine with a tablespoon of Miss Envy’s solvent free olive oil on your favorite salad, or in your go-to raw dish! Olive oil can promote regulation in cholesterol levels, while adding strength to skin and hair both internally and externally. While ingesting THC, the beneficial holistic properties of the compound can go to work while your body pairs with olive’s natural makeup to regulate all systems to glow!

Buddha-ful Body Relief
Day to day pain calls for topical relief – Bring on the Buddha in two different blends? Buddha Bar offers quick application for hard to reach tension areas, like back and neck, pairing pain combatting THC with circulatory stimulators like lemongrass and menthol to promote smooth flowing relief to target areas. Buddha Buddha offers a signature soft touch, marrying softening butters with soothing cannabis extracts to provide overall pain relief and management.

Day Cramps to Nightcaps
Can you do it with Canna Sutra into it? Sexual and reproductive health can be hard to manage in a wellness perspective, and it’s important to listen to how your body talks in conjunction to nature. Canna Sutra provides a blend of essential oils and essential portions of nature for an experience to relive your practical pain and increase your personal pleasure. More than just “weed lube” Canna Sutra encourages a higher level of intimacy with practical botanical pairings.

Brighten up your budding routine with many Miss Envy trusted solutions, and step into a new strain of wellness for your spring season!

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