THC Distillate is the future. If you want cookies that maintain their home-baked charm, chocolates that melt in your mouth and off your tongue, or anything else that is your flavor –  THC distillate is the perfect addition. All the amazing infusions that you can imagine can now be made with perfect dosing and flavor. Working with the best producers in the industry we know that products made from distillate have a higher quality of experience – and we expect nothing less.

So what makes distillate so special? In comparison to flower or other extracts like BHO or CO2, distillate has a near 99.9% THC content, without any terpene profiles.  Colorless, flavorless, and amazingly strong – it is the perfect ingredient for all kinds of infused products. From candies to vaping mixtures to tinctures, there is no end to what you can make while never losing the medicinal value of the THC from heat or it’s insolubility in water.

It’s a dream come true for Miss Envy Botanicals. Our coconut and olive oil can be made stronger, and with more clarity without changing their natural tastes. It also means we can keep the color and texture of our Canna Sutra line absolutely pure. Scent free products are in the works. But we are not stopping there.

Making use of THC distillate as a core part of our production, we can raise the bar on the kind of products we are offering. Since the start, Miss Envy Botanicals has kept an eye on the horizon, innovating, elevating, and improving constantly. With moving over to THC distillate the future is just beginning.

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