In a near-forgotten time before marketing turned “marijuana” into the jazz player’s joint – Cannabis tinctures were a widely popularized mode of consumption for the natural enthusiast in North America, and a popularized form of distributing various kinds of traditional medicine, even into the 1970s. Still a popular mode of consumption for those looking for natural remedies or holistic dietary supplements, tinctures of all types stay true to their deep roots within wellness.

Cannabis plant matter has traditionally had its THC and CBD content extracted with an alcohol base – with BHO, PHO, and solvent-free CO2 extraction rising in popularity. Each method has it’s benefits in regards to potency, profile, and personal preference (smell, taste, etc). There are many tinctures available for purchase that showcase some form of traditional or innovative cannabis extraction methods. Depending on preference or need, some may focus on the benefits of THC or CBD for dosing, or some may have added beneficial herbs to pair with a set milligram addition of one of the molecular compounds.

Traditionally, tinctures are a formulation that has alcohol as its solvent, however Cannabis tinctures can be made both using an Ethanol or grain alcohol base, or an easily absorbed natural oil as it’s carrier.

Not all oils are created equally in terms of molecular makeup and pairing. There are many beneficial oils for consumption, however – when linked with Cannabis extracts – absorption is key. Using Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) as a bond, primarily from health-wise sources like coconut oil, provides an additional rich source of essential fatty acids – that help to promote a healthy liver function. This becomes increasingly beneficial when administering Cannabis tinctures sublingually, as dosing in this manner allows for no breakdown of the compound through digestion in the gastrointestinal tract – allowing for a full spectrum of benefits from the pairing.

Cannabis tinctures offer ease in the dosing process – allowing for drops to be taken sublingually, as previously mentioned, to increase bioavailability, or used as an additive to be mixed into teas, juices, or even food for an infused lifestyle on the go. Using a Cannabis tincture may help provide a more health-conscious option to quick smoke free alternatives, like a traditional THC or CBD infused edible, which can have high contents of processed fats and sugars or other dietary considerations that may not be an option for all who chose to use THC or CBD, in a smoke free way.

Research is continuing on the everyday benefits, and medical applications, of Cannabis in its many forms – with evidence continuing to show positive growth in treatment choices. With many practical applications of Cannabis being showcased in everyday life – having usage and dosing options to fit both treatment and time management is the ultimate high choice.

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