things to do while high and in quarantine

For many of us, the boredom and loneliness have kicked in as we reach the point where we’ve been socially isolated for several weeks. These feelings of boredom often lead to activities such as mindlessly scrolling through social media or re-watching that same show you always come back to, you know the one. This type of behaviour can have a negative impact on our mental wellness – so what can we be doing instead? Here are some things to do while high and in quarantine that can help you to stay stimulated or disconnect and relax. 

Things to do while high and in quarantine 

Experience Nature

Experience Nature 

There’s something healing about engaging with nature that improves our overall mental wellness. Doing so while high can help us to connect even better. Not only that but getting outside helps to keep our bodies active when it’s so easy to have a more sedentary lifestyle. 

Make yourself a cannabis tea, or grab your favourite cannabis treat, and go out for a hike or walk (of course, make sure to keep social distancing in mind). Or even just sit out in your yard or on your patio. 

Working out at home during isolation

Workout at home 

Movement and exercise have a huge impact on our overall mood, as well as our physical health. So, incorporate at-home workouts into your routine at any level. There are many ways we can add movement and exercise into our days, even if we aren’t prepared, or are unable, to do intense workouts. Read our article on At-Home Workouts to get yourself started. 

Cannabis can be a great motivator when it comes to fitness, but if you’re using cannabis prior to working out ensure to do so safely. Read our article on the benefits and safety measures of using cannabis as a pre-workout

Though cannabis can always be used as workout recovery, it not only helps with pain (think Buddha Bar for sore muscles) but also helps with healing muscles. 

cannabis and yoga

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Do Yoga

Yoga technically counts as fitness but we figure it deserves its own section. Not only is yoga a great way to stretch and release tension but it helps us to re-connect with our bodies. Worried about being bad at yoga? Don’t worry so was I. Get high before yoga to help you to let go of those self-conscious thoughts. Though it’s important to look up the movements before you get high. There are lots of great YouTube instructional videos to get you started. 

If you’re not into yoga, consider a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be scary either, it’s simply the practice of staying present in the moment without worrying about the future or ruminating on the past. Take a few moments to sit with yourself and pay attention to your breath. Don’t worry too much about trying not to think, just notice when your thoughts wander and bring them back to your breath. 

Mindfulness is a skill that you can practice and improve. So, don’t be hard on yourself and start with only a few minutes at a time throughout the day. 

Here is some more information about mindfulness and some breathing exercises (four-stage breathing & box breathing) that can help get you started, thanks to Dr. Joti Samra

Be Creative

Get Creative 

With a slightly lowered inhibition cannabis and creativity go perfect together. Getting creative might be one of the best things to do while high in quarantine to keep you busy. 

Cannabis just may be the inspiration you need to grab that colouring book, pick up your paints, or get more creative in the kitchen. Let go of perfection and let yourself get messy and do something creative with your hands. 

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Does your bain feel like it’s going a million miles a minute? That’s understandable considering the amount of stress we are under and the uncertainty we are experiencing in our lives. 

We’re constantly bombarded with information and often there’s a lot of bad news. So, remember to take time to disconnect. Turn your phone on silent and put away your computer, get high and give your full attention to something relaxing. Watch a movie or read a book without distractions. Or just considering having an infused bath

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What have been your favourite things to do while high and in quarantine? We want to hear all your creative ideas! Comment here or tag us on social media @miss.envybotanicals


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